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The Mood Restaurant & Lounge

The Mood: Tropical Restaurant & Lounge in New Cairo

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Jessica Noble
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The Mood: Tropical Restaurant & Lounge in New Cairo

Concealed behind the impressive ‘Landmark’ building in the Fifth settlement of New Cairo is a trendy new restaurant and lounge, The Mood. The contemporary, dark wicker seating is mainly outdoors, with the exception of a small covered area. The chic establishment sits alongside an exotic swimming pool complete with a waterfall, creating a Mediterranean atmosphere. In the evening, the lighting is minimal other than that being reflected from the pool and the hotel building.

After setting up the overhead heater, the menus landed on our table in next to no time. We flicked through the copious amount of food on offer; Lebanese hot and cold mezzas, soups, grills, fattas, sandwiches, pizzas and pastas. Tempted by a selection of starters, we went for one chicken soup (22LE), falafel with tehina (17.95LE) and a cheese and tomato dip (16.95LE). As a main, we decided to share a barbeque chicken pizza (50.95LE).

The drinks menu is an equally as impressive list of frappés, cocktails, smoothies, milkshakes and hot drinks. The Mood smoothie (28LE) – a mixture of lemon, banana, strawberry and yoghurt – and a caramel frappé (25LE) caught our attention. Both drinks were undoubtedly the best we’ve had; sweet and flavourful. The fruit smoothie was slushy, fresh and delicious, whilst the frappé was creamy with a perfect balance of coffee and caramel; it was sugary without being sickly.

The arrival of our starters was staggered with the chicken soup arriving first, presented in an unusual egg-shaped bowl. Much to our liking, the soup was pleasantly creamy with a nice, thick consistency and small chicken chunks at the bottom. The cheese and tomato dip was eventually delivered, but without bread. After several queries, the bread eventually arrived and was disappointingly stale, without the fluffy texture associated with good quality baladi bread. The white cheese dip itself was incredibly strong and salty with just a small amount of chopped tomato sitting in its middle.

Soon after, the pizza arrived, which was also slightly delfating. The dough was slightly undercooked whilst the toppings were fairly tasteless, with the exception of the powerfully sweet barbeque sauce.

Our falafel never materialised and when we enquired about its whereabouts we were told we hadn’t ordered it and even if we had, it doesn’t exist on the menu. We assume there was a miscommunication in the kitchen; we know it does exist – we have evidence.

Although we can’t say it was terrible, The Mood Restaurant and Lounge doesn’t excell in the food department, but the delicious drinks and relaxing holiday atmosphere more than make up for their mishaps and evidently keeps the fashionable clientelle returning time and again.

360 Tip

The Mood can get incredibly busy, especially at weekends. We'd recommend making reservations by calling 0100 655 5678.

Best Bit

Delicious pool-side cocktails.

Worst Bit

The 'non-existent' Falafel.

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