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The Smokery

The Smokery: Elegant Noctoural Nightout With A View At Palm Hills

The Smokery
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Nelly Ezz
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The Smokery: Elegant Noctoural Nightout With A View At Palm Hills

The Smokery is nestled in Palm Hills, right after the clubhouse at the very top of Sheikh Zayed’s most exclusive hill. This high-class restaurant offers a sophisticated menu of food and drinks that attracts both foodies and night owls alike. The restaurant has a simple, crisp design with a fancy and bright décor that creates a peaceful atmosphere during the day and an elegant vibe at night. The place is a delightful mix of high chairs, big round tables, casual bar seating, tables for two, and even a lounge area.  The Smokery has an unmistakable presence and, being perched on the very edge of the hill, provides the closest view possible of a peaceful, wide green area and sunset horizon.  

We decided to go and visit this beautiful venue and try their menu. We started the night with two cocktails, one Bloody Mary ( 196 LE) – Vodka, tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce and tabasco, as well as one Blue Margarita (196 LE) – Tequila, Cointreau, Blue Curacao, lemon, and soda. The Bloody Mary had quite the kick; it was satisfyingly spicy and adequately seasoned. The Margarita also had a striking colour, but the Cointreau flavour didn’t come through. Nevertheless, it was an enjoyable drink. We also ordered the Salmon Carpaccio as an appetiser (267 LE) – with signature ponzu dressing and Japanese wakame. The refreshing dish went amazingly with the first round of drinks; the fresh citrusy flavour with the nutty taste from the black seeds truly elevated the freshness of the thinly sliced salmon.

Next, we got the Angel A. (196 LE) – Vodka, red wine, white wine, mango puree and peach puree, and the Long Island Ice Tea (196 LE) – Vodka, Rum, Gin, Tequila, Triple Sec and Cocacola for our second round of drinks. The Angel A. won this round; the mix was peculiar but strangely flavourful with a nice boozy kick at the end. The Long Island was acceptable, but oddly enough, it didn’t come off as strong as it should, so we returned it and got it back boozed up. For the mains, we decided to go with a Sushi Tower (360 LE) – 14 pieces of crispy, California, uramaki tuna, and nigiri. The sushi was everything you would ask for in sushi; it was fresh, tasty, and clearly of excellent quality – and again, it went great with the drinks. We went with the Café de Paris (422 LE) – beef steak, café de Paris butter, and mashed potatoes for our second main. The steak was on-point, medium-cooked, and perfectly seasoned with salt, black pepper and butter. The mashed potatoes were velvety, creamy and delightful to share, which was a great end to our night.

Everything at this venue was memorable, from the captivating view and hospitality to the food quality and the aesthetically-pleasing drinks. So, if you’re looking to splurge on a quiet night out or drinks during sunset, then this is the place to go – but make sure to call ahead to reserve a table.

360 Tip

Try their new drinks and brunch menu if you're planning on heading there before sunset.

Best Bit

The venue

Worst Bit

The long island ice tea

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