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Three Diner: Dig in Into A New All-American Menu At The Drive

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Three Diner: Dig in Into A New All-American Menu At The Drive

When we think about the best sandwiches in the world, we think of burgers! And even though burgers are a great invention that the US has adopted as their own for the past few decades, no one can deny the world’s ever-lasting love for a Croque Monsieur. Nevertheless, American-style sandwiches have been the superstars for an All-American menu, from the famous Philly cheese to the popular hot dog and grilled cheese sandwich. 

Three Diner is an All-American concept that serves up American-style sandwiches, excluding burgers. Their main focus was to shed light on all the other great bun-filled inventions and set themselves apart from the other burger joints that have flooded our city. They set up their shop in The Drive by The Waterway in New Cairo and started serving customers a couple of months ago with a short but delicious menu of signature items. We headed over there one wintery afternoon and decided to give their sandwiches a try. We started with one Loaded Fries with Philly Cheese Steak (147 LE) – loaded french fries with green peppers, onions, and Philly cheesesteak. This starter was a show stopper, we have all heard of chilli cheese fries, but the Philly cheese was definitely a winner too – the creamy cheese, tender meat, and sauteed veggies made a great start to our meal. 


Next round, we couldn’t resist The Killer Short Ribs Sandwich (194 LE) – slow-cooked short rib with lettuce, pickles and mayo. However, this is a unique signature item; you won’t find it all the time, so ask for availability beforehand. The rib was fork-tender and satisfyingly fatty – you need to be a real meat lover to handle this beast. We had also ordered the Dig’in Chicken Sandwich (131 LE) – fried chicken sandwich with homemade tomato jam. Again, the fried chicken sandwich was picture-perfect, and the tomato jam took it to another level. Both sandwiches were perfectly cooked, and the squared, slightly crunchy bun was a great twist. The service and quality of Three Diner make it a great place to add to your list next time you’re in the mood for a quick, delicious grab.

360 Tip

Check out their newly launched breakfast menu daily (‘til 1 pm on weekdays and 2 pm on weekends)

Best Bit

The buns

Worst Bit

The unavailability of The Killer Short Ribs all the time

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