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Toscanini: Delicious Food in Relaxing Dokki Restaurant

  • 39 Mohy El Din Abu El Ezz Street
  • International
  • Restaurant: 10AM–1.30 AM, Café: 7AM–1.30AM -
reviewed by
Basma Mostafa
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Toscanini: Delicious Food in Relaxing Dokki Restaurant

In a city that witnesses the
launching of a new restaurant every few weeks, keeping up with all the new dining
options in Cairo can get extremely difficult. Fortunately for us, we’ve
stumbled across Toscanini, a new restaurant in Dokki.

Located on Mohie El Din Abul Ezz
Street, Toscanini is a two-level dining venue, with the restaurant on the
first floor, and the café area located on the second.  

Toscanini’s dimly
lit atmosphere and wood-accented decor provide patrons with an extremely
relaxing experience. The soft background music will compel you to throw all the
troubles of the world behind you and settle in for a relaxing meal.

The menu at Toscanini is abundant with delicious
options of Italian, Mexican and international cuisine. For starters, this reviewer ordered
deliciously crispy cheese nachos (21.99LE) that were served with a
scrumptious, creamy cheese dip. Other nacho options include chicken (29.99LE),
beef (32.99LE) and seafood (44.99LE), while other appetiser options include stuffed
spring rolls and typical salads like classic Caesar (13.99LE) and chicken
Caesar salad (23.99LE).

The menu includes main courses of chicken, beef and seafood dishes. Toscanini
also serves up sandwiches, Mexican
wraps and fajitas as well as noodles, pasta dishes, pizza and burgers. Due to
the numerous options on the menu, we were hard-pressed to settle on a choice.

After strenuous thought, we opted for the grilled Mexican chicken wrap
(26.99LE): a sliced chicken sandwich cooked with mushroom, onions and cheddar
cheese all wrapped in Mexican tortilla; a delicious combination if there ever
was one. The sandwich was served with steak fries, picante sauce and pico de gallo (a Mexican condiment made from
chopped tomatoes, chilli and onions).

We shared a barbeque chicken pizza (29.99LE), which was a bit too spicy for this
reviewer’s liking. We literally had to pick the sliced chilli out, because it
felt like our tongues were set on fire; but it tasted great nonetheless. We also shared a dish of chicken pasta (29.99LE) in rich Alfredo sauce, which was so good that we instantly regretted
sharing it.

Desserts are
served on the top floor in Toscanini’s café. For this reviewer, the choice was
obvious: the Oreo madness (21.99LE) is a scrumptious combination of
Oreo cookies, ice cream and chocolate sauce.

Offering escapism
from Cairo’s hectic everyday life, Toscanini
is the perfect dining spot for a relaxing weekend dinner or a midweek
family gathering.

360 Tip

If you are out with a group of friends, order several dishes and share.  

Best Bit

Delicious food in relaxing surroundings. 

Worst Bit

Toscanini follows a dish-per-person policy or a minimum charge of 50LE.

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