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Wok and Walk

Wok and Walk: Small Venue, Big Flavours, Humongous Portions

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Wok and Walk: Small Venue, Big Flavours, Humongous Portions

As we were roaming around Maadi, road 9 to be specific, in the hope of finding a meal to fill our tummies and satisfy our hunger for something a bit different, we came across Wok and Walk. Wok and Walk serve up delicious Asian cuisine inspired dishes, or so we’ve heard, and we decided to give it a try!

The space is quite small and won’t host a large number of eaters. We started picking various platters from the menu. A bit of a tip, if you aren’t much of a foodie, don’t order more than one side item, as we came to learn that Wok and Walk’s portions are no joke!

As a starter, we opted for the Hot & Sour Soup (20 EGP). The soup arrived, as promised on the menu, containing pieces of chicken, and a mash of vinegar, chilli, peppers, and slices of onions. The soup was delicious and had the expected amount of heat.

For our main course, we opted for the Chicken Tandoori (72 EGP). The chicken dish arrived in Wok and Walk’s signature carton packaging, contained pieces of tandoori chicken and basmati rice, and was seasoned with clove, cardamom, cinnamon, and turmeric. We’re glad to say that the dish did not disappoint us at all; the folks at Wok and Walk managed to nail the cook on the chicken perfectly, and the items used for seasoning created a perfectly balanced – not too overwhelming – dish. 

Now, of course, we could not possibly leave Wok and Walk without trying their noodles. We opted for the “create your own meal” option and ended up ordering the Crispy Noodles (23 EGP), with Beef (33 EGP). Again, the dish arrived in Wok and Walk’s signature carton packaging, the noodles were delicious and not at all soggy, while the beef was perfectly seasoned and cooked.

To sum it all up, our experience at Wok and Walk was very positive! We do wish, however, that the seating area was a bit more spacious than the one currently available at the Maadi branch.

360 Tip

 Wok and Walk delivers and has several branches around the capital.

Best Bit

Chicken Tandoori.

Worst Bit

The small space.

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