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123: A Treasure Chest of Accessories in Mohandiseen

  • 35 Geziret El Arab St
  • Health & Beauty
  • 12AM to 12PM -
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Anne de Groot
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123: A Treasure Chest of Accessories in Mohandiseen

It must be a girl thing to get over-excited about the
little things in life like earrings, necklaces, hair bands and make-up. All it
takes is the perfect little black dress and some nice accessories to create the
perfect look.

123 in Mohandiseen is an accessory shop with everything
from basic earrings to downright ridiculous lingerie, and while you are there
you can also get yourself pierced.

The shop is divided into two spaces. On the left side,
you will find all the jewellery, while the hair accessories, belts, lingerie
and make up are displayed on the right side of the shop. There are literally
thousands of earrings, bracelets and necklaces available in all sorts of shapes
and colours. Most of the normal necklaces are priced between 30LE and 50LE,
such as a modest silver necklace with a cute pendant.

If your taste is extravagant when it comes to the bling
bling, then 123 is the place to go. For 80LE you can score yourself a necklace
with a huge dragonfly pendant covered in diamonds. Some of the flashier designs
can cost between 120LE and 250LE, such as an all-diamond necklace. For a
classier look, there are some pearl necklaces available for 60LE. There are
various pendants in the shapes of crowns, slippers, hearts and crosses. There
is also a lot of fake Chanel, D&G and Louis Vuitton available as well as
baskets filled with bracelets in all forms, shapes and designs starting at 3LE.

The earring section is also quite adventurous. If you’re
the do-it-yourself type and have a soft spot for tools, here you can buy hammer
or screwdriver earrings. Are you more of the party girl? Then opt for the
bottle opener or Playboy bunny earrings. Of course, normal earrings like hoops
are available as well.

Most earrings cost between 20LE and 60LE. There are also
some outrageous chandelier earrings, and by the look of them we reckon wearing
them might cause some permanent ear damage. Priced at between 200LE and 300LE,
these earrings will definitely help you stand out in the crowd.

The hair section has various clips, tiaras and hair bands.
The tiaras start at 8LE and most hair bands start from 3LE. Next to that is the
belt section where you can find every belt that you could ever want in a huge
variety of colours and designs for 25LE and above. All the belts are made of
fake leather so the prices are very fair. The lingerie section has some kinky
thongs for 35LE and bras for 100LE and above.

The make-up section has different brand products, some of
which bare the names of Armani and YSL. Needless to say they are fake. Most lip-gloss
tubes cost between 15LE and 45LE. Same goes for the eye-shadows and lip- and
eyeliners. All foundation colours are available for 40LE and above. You can
also buy various application brushes starting at 10LE for a single brush and
40LE for a set.

If you are still not satisfied, you can get your eyebrow,
belly button or tongue pierced here for just 150LE. We didn’t try it out for
you so we can’t vouch for their level of professionalism and hygiene, but the
piercing room looks pretty clean and the part-time piercer is also a doctor.

123 is an extensively varied shop and there’s no doubt
that you will leave with a little purchase of your own.

360 Tip

If you are looking for a gift for young girl, 123 has an extensive collection of Hello Kitty and Hannah Montana products.

Best Bit

A huge variety of products at moderate prices.

Worst Bit

For the love of cake, can everyone please stop producing fake Chanel, Louis Vuitton and and Gucci?

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