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Al Kotob Khan

Al Kotob Khan: Still the Cosiest Bookshop in Maadi

  • 13, Rd 254 (Next to Samia Alouba), Degla
  • Books & Stationery
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Sarah Kamel
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Al Kotob Khan: Still the Cosiest Bookshop in Maadi

After eight years of being a Maadi favourite, thanks to its warm and cosy atmosphere, Al Kotob Khan recently moved onto bigger and better things with a new branch in Degla. Unlike its old branch on Laselky road, Al Kotob Khan's new shop has plenty of space for books and people alike.

The venue is a two story villa with a fair-spaced balcony that houses sets of tables and chairs. Both floors have books stacked from the ground up to the ceiling, as well as seating areas adjacent to the bookcases and shelves. At the time of our visit, much of the seating area was occupied by students who found a suitable atmosphere to study.

As mentioned earlier, the shop is much bigger than the previous branch, so stocking more varieties of books is one main advantage; everything from classic and modern novels, to historical and educational textbooks. You can also find multilingual books if you're looking for some language expansion.

Such diverse options make the shop a haven for bookworms; however; if you're a first-time-goer, the sheer amount of stock may overwhelm you.

Next to the cashier’s desk on the first floor is a fast-food bar that boasts a menu covering all sorts of snacks and drinks, starting from coffee, soft drinks, muffins and chocolate cakes, all the way to Panini sandwiches and chips.

As with any modern bookshop, there are plenty of stationary items for sale; an entire wall on the second floor dedicated to notebooks, printed and handmade, with colourful patterns and various sizes.

It’s easy to see why Al Kotob Khan has become a second home escapism to book-lovers; the welcoming and calm atmosphere and its wide range of books give it a slight edge over the franchised bookshops of Egypt.  But be warned; you will almost certainly become addicted to Al Kotob Khan after a single visit, be it simply for book-shopping, studying or even catching a quick coffee with friends.

360 Tip

Al Kotob Khan is opening a new branch at Downtown Cairo - very soon

Best Bit

The atmosphere in inviting and comfortable.

Worst Bit

Tables are too close to each other.

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