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Amina K

Amina K: Egyptian Bohemian Chic Clothing in Mohandiseen

  • 24 Thawra Street, 7th floor, Mohandessin
  • Women's Wear
  • Saturday to Thursday 11 AM - 6 PM -
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Ranya Saadawi
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Amina K: Egyptian Bohemian Chic Clothing in Mohandiseen

The local fashion scene in Cairo has been
growing in recent years, run by young twenty-something-year-olds who proudly incorporate
most traditional themes and patterns into their designs and adding a modern
twist. At twenty-four, Amina K is at the forefront of this movement, using
purely Egyptian cotton and designs to create funky bohemian clothing and

Amina K’s showroom is located in a quiet, nondescript residential
building in Mohandiseen, but the space itself is a bright, energetic and
innovative oasis filled with a variety of multicoloured clothes, embroidered
high-waist belts and hand-sewn, crescent-shaped and oversized clutches.

The room is lined with racks of clothes, including maxi dresses with
Fayoum macramé detail, double-sided kelim vests and loose cotton shorts as well
as long tunics with printed florals, abayas and galabayas. Each piece is a unique
mix of different textures, colours and patterns. The designs are inspired by traditions
in El Arish and Fayoum, and use kelim and patchwork detail. Prices for clothes
and accessories range from 450LE to 800LE.

At the centre of the showroom, a table proudly displays leather and El Arish
embroidered high-waisted belts (starting at 475LE), shirts of various colours,
textures and details, as well as the designer’s new line of sunglasses for Baraka (625LE). The adjoining
room serves as the workplace for the seamstresses, where the next season’s
designs are created. However, there are a few racks in the room containing summer
sale items (with an average price of 300LE), including maxi dresses, Al Arish
embroidered high-waisted silk skirts, patterned shorts and tops. Don’t be
afraid to try on unique pieces such as the cotton one-sleeve and double-sided
dress accessorised with an El Arish-inspired rope belt.

The showroom’s sales staff are attentive, friendly and eager to offer
advice on how to wear the clothing. You can easily spend a few hours here trying
on outfits and accessories, and trading fashion tips. This is particularly
important because the pieces can be so bold and distinctive; they require some
finesse and skill to be worn effectively.

Amina K employs only Egyptian seamstresses and since most collections
are handmade, you would assume that the number of pieces and sizes are limited.
Surprisingly, though; many items have sizes ranging from XS to XL, though
certain combinations of colour and design may not be available in each size.
Regardless of your age, style or size; Amina K aims to cater to all trendy Egyptian

If you’re looking for unique clothing items proudly boasting Egypt’s
heritage in a modern way, look no further than Amina K. You will leave this
showroom not only with new items to add to your wardrobe; but also with a
wealth of knowledge on how to pull off that chic Cairene look.

360 Tip

Amina K’s accessories and some clothes can also be found at Beymen, Mounaya Gallery, Hip, and Loolies.

Best Bit

Amina K offers local fashion at relatively affordable prices for one-of-a-kind pieces. The fashion advice is for free!

Worst Bit

Since each item is handmade, you may like the colour or design combination in one size but the exact same look won’t be available in your size.

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