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Bazaar Al Shaaban

Bazaar Al Shaaban: Colourful Mosaic Lighting in Old Cairo’s El Muez Street

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Bazaar Al Shaaban: Colourful Mosaic Lighting in Old Cairo’s El Muez Street

As a street that encompassses the beauty and authenticity of Islamic Cairo with all its architectural treasures, a walk down El Muez Street in Khan El Khalili always leaves you inspired. With hundreds of handicrafts shops and bazaars selling a variety of gifts and souvenirs in the area, it it's hard not to stop by and shop.

Our last visit to the busy and vibrant street left us particularly drawn to a small boutique in El Muez Street selling colorful and beautifully crafted mosaic lighting called Bazaar Al Shaaban.

Inside Bazaar Al Shaaban, hundreds of colorful mosaic lamps sit along the shelves, while colourful brass lamps in different designs dangle from the ceiling, and look nothing short of stunning. 

Most of the lanterns exhibited in the bazaar are inspired by different cultural aesthetics; lanterns inspired by Islamic architecture – some of which are shaped to resemble the dome of the mosque – and lamps derived from the Ottoman style, made from brass and mosaic stones, as well as Indian lanterns with colorful mosaic-carved roses stand out in particular.

Among our favourite pieces, however, the oval shaped, scattered-mosaic lamps colored in blue, red, white and green; create gorgeous reflections and light patterns in the dark.

Other interesting mosaic lamps include vase-shaped lanterns, mosaic lamps which resemble an upside-down drum and square shaped lanterns. We were particularly amused to see small mosaic balls with mystical lighting which looked like a gypsy’s crystal ball.  

Prices of the lamps vary according to size, shape and style; small lamps sell for 70LE to 250LE and larger ones – with intricate copper and brass carvings – cost betwwen 400LE to 2500LE.    

The pieces at Bazaar Al Shaaban are 100% handmade by Egyptian craftsmen, which the owners take great pride in. The lamps are perfect for adding a colorful touch to any room and also make for excellent gift ideas.

360 Tip

Mosaic lanterns found in El Moez Street are cheaper than anywhere else - you should shop around.

Best Bit

Some of the lamps are truly stunning.

Worst Bit

Some of the pieces aren't as cleanly finished as others.

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