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Computer Shop

Computer Shop: Computers, Accessories & More in Dokki

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Jessica Noble
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Computer Shop: Computers, Accessories & More in Dokki
On a mission to buy a new laptop, we headed to the large Dokki branch of Computer Shop, assuming they might just have what we were looking for. Located on Mohy El Din Abou El Ezz Street, the shop’s bright yellow exterior can be spotted from a mile away.

As soon as we sauntered through the automatic doors, we were greeted with a wall of the newest Samsung Smart TVs – the one’s constantly advertised on telly – with 23″ and 27″ screens (2555LE-3499LE).

We were greeted by a shop assistant at the door and led upstairs to the computer section. Our brief was clear; we needed the best, most up-to-date laptop but there was a catch – it simply had to be pink.

All the computers are clearly labelled, with a long list of
specifications next to each one. However, not knowing much about what
makes a computer fast, or indeed what we’d need for it to work for us,
we relied heavily on the shop assistant to decipher the list and
had no choice but to trust him.

He started by showing us the only two pink models they stock; a bright pink and black Samsung NP300 (3555LE) and two, almost identical, powder pink Sony Vaios (4995LE-6495LE). He then showed us the Dell Ultrabooks (4299LE-6333LE) with changeable covers (199LE). Although we openly expressed our dislike of this particular model, especially as no pink cover was available, he kept dragging us back, insisting it was a good model and that we should either buy one of the interchangeable cover ones, or a better, black one.

While he knew what he was talking about, it was still a little annoying to have to fight for our choice – especially when contemplating parting with a vast sum of money. After all, the customer is always right – right?

Other than persuasive sales pitches, the other thing to be wary of is that none of the computers come with Microsoft Office. Computer Shop does sell the bundle, but it’ll set you back an extra 555LE. You also should be aware that not all their computers come with the most recent Windows 8, so be sure to check you’re not being sold an older version.

Despite it’s name, Computer Shop stocks so much more than just computers and their accessories – in fact, they stock almost anything electrical that you can think of. As well as wired, and wireless computer mice (99LE-300LE) and
keyboards (192LE-492LE), there is also a wall dedicated to
laptop bags in a range of different colours and styles, including some
sophisticated, padded Belkin bags to tidy computer things away in the
home (374.99LE). Snooping further into their neatly organised sections, we also checked out all the corded and cordless house phones, printers, speakers, hard drives for extra computer storage, blank CDs and DVDs, games consoles and standard televisions.

They also stock a number of iPhone and iPad accessories including cases, stylus pens, iStations and iLuv headphones starting at 89LE. The popular, sweet cotton over ear headphones are priced at 199LE. There are also a number of iPads on display to buy, but disappointingly, they don’t sell iPhones.

Unfortunately though, nothing in Computer Shop is plugged in or turned on so you can’t test the products before you buy them.

Computer Shop stock can also be browsed online but the in-shop assistants are good for advising the customer on what to buy, especially with more computer knowledge than most. However, if you have very specific taste, make sure you’re firm about what you want to prevent them from going off on a tangent. 

360 Tip

At the time of our visit, they were giving away a free Playstation3 with the HP Envy laptop (5666LE). Check out their website for more awesome deals.

Best Bit

The wide range of products available in store.

Worst Bit

Feeling pressurised into buying something which wouldn't be quite right. If you go without a stringent plan, you may feel more satisfied with the customer service.

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