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Crocs: Happy Feet in Maadi

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Tanya El Kashef
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Crocs: Happy Feet in Maadi
Does anyone remember life before Crocs? It was definitely a peaceful life – a prettier and more refined one at least. However, as ugly as these shoes are – which a lot of people would agree with – their practical use is difficult to ignore. Chefs, nurses, the elderly  and children have all made a good useof these strange shoes, showing us that indeed on some occasions, comfort outweighs the importance of looking good.

Visiting the Maadi branch on Road 233, the official Crocs shop, while packed with variety, isn’t very tempting as an outlet itself – with unattractive lighting and blaring pop music. Looking past these irrelevant details, though, the merchandise quickly proved to be more impressive than the setting in which they are laid out.

The footwear fills up all the walls of the sizeable shop. The first collection to introduce itself is the children’s. As well as the basic pairs, one can find a variety of cutesy ones, perfect for those under the age of ten. Crocs with Toy Story characters and Winnie the Pooh  are some examples, while other variations are jelly and come in duo colours while there are also pairs with cosy fur lining – these range about 360LE.

For similar prices you can also snag a pair of winter boots that have Hello Kitty illustrations, or rather, stick to plain ones. Other styles for children are tie-up shoes, similar to Converse, that go for about 300LE. There are also pairs suitable for children under the age of two that are quite adorable being so very small.

Heading over to the adults’ section, the styles are in quite a selection – especially for the ladies. Apart from the standard Croc that we have all come to know and love (or accept), there are now slippers and sandals (299LE) in all the colours of the rainbow. There are also ballerina shoes in yellow, purple, red and many more choices – a pair of peep-toe ones go for about 300LE, while a pair of clogs with a questionable heel went for about 500LE.

Ladies’ boots are priced at 599LE, the lace-up ones at 399LE, while the Crocs for winter – with fur lining – are priced at 449LE.

While the men’s section carries the usual Crocs, as well as slippers (299LE), they also have their own set of casual footwear – different from the holey, rubbery, turtle-shaped ones.

A pair of leather moccasins will set you back 799LE, while same style fabric ones go for the lower price of 349LE. They also have their own version of deck shoes, in a variety of subdued colours, which cost 499LE.

As well as their extensive shoe collection, Crocs also offers Eastpak products, with both standard backpacks and computer cases. Depending on the size and complexity of the design, the packs range between 500LE and 800LE.

There are a few accessories to be found at the checkout counter but not that many. The decorative pins that are added onto the basic Crocs, by fitting into the holes of the shoe, had gained popularity with both the older and younger crowds but the Maadi branch hardly stocks any. The ones that are available though will set you back 39LE.

360 Tip

Did you know that Crocs offer an added value for people with diabetes? Because of problems such as reduced circulation in their feet and a higher risk of wound infections, the extra room and antibacterial properties of Crocs make for a suitable choice.

Best Bit

Extensive variety.

Worst Bit

The lighting of the shop doesn’t do the products justice.

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