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Déjà Vu

Déjà Vu: Reasonably Priced, Chic Footwear in Cairo

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Basma Mostafa
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Déjà Vu: Reasonably Priced, Chic Footwear in Cairo

When it comes
to buying a new pair of shoes in Cairo, a lot has to be taken into account. First
and foremost, shoes that don’t complement your figure are a bad investment. Second,
you need a pair that can support your full weight and handle all kinds of
misfortunes that you may encounter on Cairo’s unpredictable streets. Unfortunately,
shoes that combine both factors might cost you an arm and a leg.

Déjà Vu is one
of the many shoe shops in Cairo that prioritise style over durability. Although
it’s a tad more expensive than the likes of Tata Tio and Club Aldo, their shoes
don’t last much longer.

On the onset
of winter, this reviewer bought a pair of ankle boots from Déjà Vu. The boots’ leather
was very comfortable and stylish, but the soles broke after a few weeks. It didn’t just stop at that; the
leather of the boots started to peel; probably from being exposed to the sun
too much.

Déjà Vu has
a relatively limited collection of high heels. Flats seem to take centre stage in
the shop’s collection. For example, when this
reviewer visited Déjà Vu’s branch on El Marghany Street, they only had
one option of high heels that came in three colours.

So, if you
visit Déjà Vu looking for a pair of shoes that combines both style and quality;
you are doomed to disappointment.    

In addition
to their shoe collection, Déjà Vu also has a nice, albeit limited, collection
of bags. Although you are unlikely to find a bag that costs less than 200LE,
most of their collection is fabulously stylish. Their clutch collection is Déjà
Vu’s best redeeming feature.

Since no
outfit is complete without a belt, Déjà Vu has a vast array of leather belts to
suit all tastes. Although they might seem
expensive, there are items that you won’t find elsewhere in Cairo.

Déjà Vu’s footwear is worth considering if
you’re looking for a pair of comfy shoes that won’t cause a dent in your wallet;
even if that means they won’t last for an entire season. Surely having to
replace your shoes every few months is half the fun!

360 Tip

Every branch has a few items that are not available elsewhere; make sure you stop by several branches when you go on a shopping spree.

Best Bit

Déjà Vu's footwear is comfortable, stylish and moderately priced.

Worst Bit

A relatively limited collection of purses and footwear that isn’t made to withstand the test of time on Cairo’s streets.

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