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Dina Farms

Dina Farms: Local Farm Meets Supermarket in Dokki

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Dina Farms: Local Farm Meets Supermarket in Dokki

We like to support local companies as often as possible and this supermarket is no exception. In 1987, Dina Farms started with 1500 acres and has since grown to 4000 – agriculture including fruits, crops, dairy and more. Dina’s milk products are easily found at various outlets across the city, but this one is a full-fledged supermarket that boasts a wide-range of products; straight from the farm and imported too.  

Located on Amin El Rafaey Street in Dokki, off Midan El Messaha, Dina Farms provides an excellent option when you’re in the area and not up for braving the often-chaotic crowds at Alfa or Metro. The attractively modern exterior is a nice addition to the highly organized and clean interior.

First things first; they aren’t short on their chocolate selection. You’ll find a range of imported chocolates as well as brownie and cake mixes. A box of imported Betty Crocker cake mix is 13.75LE.

To the left of that, is their impressive and brightly-coloured produce section. It’s watermelon season and a pre-cut half will run you 7.72LE. The green apples (15.95LE per kilo) looked especially attractive as did the grapefruit and packaged bell peppers. Other produce typically on display at Dina’s includes tomatoes, cucumber, eggplant, and banana.

You’ll find a slew of pre-packaged and canned items in the middle of the shop including more imported treats and some local ones as well. Vignola specialty rices, including sushi rice, go for 23.50LE per vacuum-sealed pack. Atayeb Alrif jams start at 20LE and include dried fig and bitter orange blossom – yum.

As for Dina’s better-known dairy products, 16.95LE will get you 30 free-range brown eggs while a litre of milk ranges from 8LE-10LE.

Also, a full butcher and deli counter can be found in the back of the shop and has a variety of pre-packaged chicken and beef cuts, sliced sandwich meats, cheeses and more. Of course, if you don’t see what you’re looking for on the shelf or would like your meat cut fresh, notify the attendant behind the counter. They’re typically friendly and quick to respond. Tack a small but thorough household/cleaning section onto that and this outlet is good to go. 

If it were up to us, Dina Farms would be expanding into more neighbourhoods as soon as possible.

360 Tip

They deliver!

Best Bit

Peaceful shopping experience + quality products + comparable prices = a very welcoming combination.

Worst Bit

The Dokki branch is only open between12PM and 8PM.

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