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Diwan Kids

Diwan Kids: Diwan Bookstore Launches its Kids-Only Shop in Zamalek

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Anne de Groot
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Diwan Kids: Diwan Bookstore Launches its Kids-Only Shop in Zamalek

Buying a
gift for a kid can often be quite difficult, especially if they are not your
own or if the kid in question is already spoiled to the bone. Diwan recently
opened up their third venue in Zamalek, and this new branch caters exclusively
to children. Though officially a bookstore, this shop carries only toys and
party accessories. The shop is located between Qirtassiyat and Wel3a
on 26th of July.

The shop
is rather small and in this reviewer’s opinion, it felt kind of unfinished.
Whereas other Diwan branches are usually organized and easy to browse through,
this branch feels like it’s been stuffed with goods in a very random order. The
toys are categorized according to age and they’re mostly
educational toys..

are some interesting gizmos as well, such as toys by the brand 4M
. You can buy a kit that teaches kids
how to clean water or how to make a car out of empty bottles. There is also a
kit that teaches kids how to make a robot out of a can and how to make a cart
out of CDs. Even this adult reviewer got excited about these toys. Prices are
very reasonable, with kits starting at 70LE. We got even more excited when we
found the civilization kits (150LE). With these kits you can build your own
pyramid, copy Machu Picchu or rebuild the long lost city of Atlantis.

well-known toy brands are also available such as Lego, which costs 118LE
for a small box. There are also various puzzles, mostly Disney-themed, starting
at 70LE. You can also score yourself a Mr or Mrs Potato Head for 40LE, which come in different characters and would also make fun gifts for
adults. For the little nerdy girls, there are Hello Kitty laptops available at 375LE.

There is
quite a big collection of gift bags and cards as well. However, they are not so
special and the gift bags were the same as those sold in Qirtassiya.
There is a small miscellaneous section with items like lunchboxes (25LE), face
painting kits (40LE) and glow in the dark stickers (25LE). Near the counter is a section of party accessories
such as party hats (12LE) and drinking cups (6.50LE). 

If you’re
looking for a gift for extremely clever or sophisticated kid, then Diwan has
your back. How about surprising the little toddler with a wooden Sushi slicing
at 222LE?
The packaging promises a nice
funny chopping sound when you slice the sushi.

Diwans Kids doesn’t have the most comprehensive collection of kids’
toys in Cairo, if you need some last-minute decorations or toys and
don’t have time to venture beyond Zamalek; then this is your shop.

360 Tip

Birthday coming up? You can register your kid's wish list here.

Best Bit

Smart and fun educational toys for kids.

Worst Bit

The shop is a bit of a mess.

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