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Dress for Less

Dress for Less: New Clothes and Accessories Outlet in Tiba Mall

  • Tiba Mall, 75 El Nasr Rd
  • Footwear
  • 10AM - 11PM -
reviewed by
Salma Tantawi
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Dress for Less: New Clothes and Accessories Outlet in Tiba Mall

Seeing the
sale sign on a shop window is a happy occasion for all shoppers. Even better,
imagine if the sale continued throughout the whole year? Imagine no more,
because Dress for Less in the newly reopened Tiba Mall in Nasr City has exactly

As its name
suggests, Dress for Less offers mighty discounts all year long, but the extra
advantage here is that it doesn’t just offer discounts on clothes; it also
stocks an exceptional collection of famous brands like Etam and Cache Cache at
eye-popping bargain prices. If you bought the items at their original price at
the original shops, Dress for Less will fill you with remorse and regret.

There might
be a logical explanation after all to the huge discounts; this reviewer
suspected the items to be collection few seasons old. However, no one would
ever think that those gorgeous knee-high black boots, which at 235LE were 50%
off from their original price, are out of season. Equally trendy are the Morgan
olive green high heels that went from a whopping 910LE down to only 275LE!

discounts continue with the rail of Cache Cache’s long summer dresses, bursting
with colours and bold prints. Though they are not really suitable for the
freezing December climate, they are very attractive nonetheless, and with
prices that range from 180LE to 300LE, you can easily stock up on these light
sleeveless dresses for summer.

are an essential part of any clothes outlet shop, and Dress for Less has a big
collection of t-shirts and undershirts that can be worn under heavy winter
jackets. Striped cotton t-shirts range around 70LE, while a feminine floral top
(90LE) can go perfectly with a beige knit cardigan (120LE). Jeans are also
available in different cuts and sizes, such as a pair of Etam boot cut blue
jeans (126LE). If you’re looking for a more formal look, black trousers or a short
woollen black skirt (95LE) will be suitable.

No outfit
is complete without accessories. Though the shop’s accessories collection isn’t
attractive, they sell some interesting clothes pins that might not be available
elsewhere, like the red lips pin (15LE). Besides the accessories wall that carries
long necklaces (60LE) and bracelets, there’s a makeup department where several makeup
assistants are available to guide you through your purchase of brands like
ArtDeco, offering items like foundation sticks (135LE) and pastel shades of
lipstick (95LE).

everyday clothes to accessories and makeup, the ongoing sale at Dress for Less
makes it a one-stop-shop for everything. It may not be the cheapest outlet shop
in Cairo, but giving the brands that it stocks and the discounts that it offers;
Dress for Less is a shop that is definitely worth a visit.  

360 Tip

Tiba Mall reopened in August 2011 with a couple of outlet shops that are bound to get the mall its former popularity back. Make sure to check them out.

Best Bit

Wide variety of brands at great bargain prices.

Worst Bit

Why isn’t there a Dress for Less shop on every corner?

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