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Floyd Music Store

Floyd Music Shop: Quality Guitar Selection in Dokki

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Hannah Cooper
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Floyd Music Shop: Quality Guitar Selection in Dokki

When you’re on the search for a specific instrument in Cairo,
finding exactly what you’re looking for can be a tedious task. We’ve found a guitar
shop in Dokki that caters to a fine taste in music brands and offers up a
selection of high-quality products that may not be found elsewhere.

Located in Dokki’s Messaha Square and next to the
Mobinil Shop, you’ll find Floyd Music Shop on the second floor. Look out
for the purple and white signage out front. The friendly attendants are eager
to help and while the shop is small in size; its simple layout provides enough
room to peruse around without fear of breaking anything.

When it comes to instruments, their selection seems to
be focused primarily on guitars. Including a slew of top of the line models and
brands, expect to see brand names like Ibanez, Fender and Takamine gracing the
price tags with a number to match. For 2150LE, an Ibanez SR300 PW bass comes
beautifully designed and well-looked after. If you’re looking for a six-string
electric; expect to pay around 4000LE while a Takamine EG523SC
Acoustic-Electric was selling for 3995LE at our last time of visit.

Other notable instruments on display included a set of
bar chimes by the Latin Percussion company for 435LE. When it comes to
accessories, they’re not short on those either. A Washburn amplifier sells for
500LE, while a set of D’Addario steel strings started at 40LE.

If you’re looking to jam out for a while or pick up a
new instrument to try; don’t hesitate. Each instrument is easily accessible and
there’s plenty of time to try things out before making that big purchase.

While the shop’s general selection might not be as
varied as other music shops around; it’s a definite go-to place when you
have something specific in mind. Seeing as how the majority of the instruments
are top-of-the-line products with international brands, you’ll have to be
prepared to pay big.

360 Tip

Look for parking on a side street; the square stays rather crowded.

Best Bit

The shop’s central location and efficient service make for an easy trip.

Worst Bit

There’s only one location!  

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