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French Connection

French Connection: Quality Casual Wear at Citystars

  • CityStars, Omar Ibn El Khattab St.
  • Women's Wear
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Salma Tantawi
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French Connection: Quality Casual Wear at Citystars

Since 1979,
French Connection has been flooding the UK markets with pricey premium-quality fashion for men and women. Adopting the controversial short
brand name that had its share of worldwide jokes, FCUK opened in Citystars a
couple of years ago to introduce its trademark timeless fashion.

The shop
itself is a delight to walk through; the chic wooden design leaves a lot of
space for you to whirl around in one of their soft, coloured summer dresses in
front of one of the many mirrors. Their dress collection reflects elegance with
muted colours such as a light cream knee-length sleeveless dress with a classic
collar (1250LE), or an ankle-length navy blue dress with multiple chiffon
layers (1170LE).

While their
feather-light dresses catch the eye first, there’s just enough casual wear to
ensure that no one will leave empty-handed. You can find a couple of simple, light
cotton striped t-shirts with flirty French words printed
on them, starting at 250LE. A pair of skinny jeans will set you back 400LE, but
luckily they are available in a wide range of sizes.

What really
breaks off the shop’s mode, in a good way, is the swimwear section. Neatly
lined rows of colourful bikinis (around 240LE) and vibrant beach dresses are fun
yet elegant. However, 850LE is a hefty price to pay for a beach dress.

The men’s
wear department starts with their famous plain t-shirts with the brand’s logo
(300LE), which we wouldn’t recommend wearing for a job interview, or you could opt for a safer choice of their checked shirts instead.

Besides t-shirts,
jeans and other typical casual items, French Connection features knitted men’s
cardigans (450LE) that go well with a tough denim shoulder bag (800LE) for the urban

Though the Citystars
branch doesn’t have accessories and kids’ wear sections like other international
branches, it has a small shoe section. High-top sneakers for guys and pointy heels
for the ladies are well-made, but that still doesn’t justify the ridiculous
1650LE price tag for a pair of purple embroidered stilettos. 

French Connection can win the quality
clothing competition without lifting a finger, but with prices like these, the brand
isn’t as accessible or as popular as it should be. We can still keep dreaming,
though, that one day we can get well-cut clothes in great quality without
having to break the bank.

360 Tip

The words 'French Connection' and 'Sale' don’t come together that often, but when they do, they mean it. 50% and more off is what they’re offering now!

Best Bit

Outstanding fabric quality when it comes to dresses.

Worst Bit

Some items are too expensive.

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