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Gourmet Egypt: Imported Gourmet Groceries Come to Zamalek

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Gourmet Egypt: Imported Gourmet Groceries Come to Zamalek

residents have yet another reason to celebrate living on this island. Once
limited to a delivery outlet with orders made via its website, high-end deli
shop Gourmet Egypt recently opened up its latest branch on Brazil Street right
across from cupcake heaven Nola. This means that you will no longer have to
travel all the way to its other branches in Maadi and Dandy Mall to get your
hands on their delicacies.

Egypt has a diverse range of products but the main attractions are their cheese and
meat. The Zamalek branch isn’t particularly, big but stocks everything that you
need to make a wonderful home-cooked meal. Gourmet Egypt excels at its
Australian-imported meat that comes freshly cut, packaged and ready to be thrown onto the grill.  

The beef
is frozen and a bit expensive as it’s imported. However, given the rising meat
prices these days, you get better value for money. You can get four hamburger
patties for around 34LE or 500 grams of meat balls for 40LE. Minced beef will
set you back 79LE per kilo.

At the
fresh meat section you can score Waygu burgers from 135LE per kilo, Sirloin
steak for 240LE per Kilo and escalope for 99LE per Kilo. Their steaks and beef
stroganoff are also highly recommended.

To the
left side of the entrance, you’ll find the pre-packaged section with items such
a Beurre d’Isigny for 24LE per 250 gram. If you’re here for the cheese, you won’t
be disappointed either. Gorgonzola is available at 195LE per kilo, while Pecorino
will set you back 185LE per kilo. Swiss specialty Gruyère costs 210LE per kilo.

Even if
you’re not an expert in the kitchen, Gourmet Egypt is here to help you out.
Readymade organic pasta sauces cost 29LE a jar, and you can score some black
sepia spaghetti for 29LE for 500 grams. Simply add the two together and your
dish will look perfect with minimal fuss. If even that is too much for you,
there are frozen pizzas (35LE), ravioli and Australian meat pies.

is also available, but again it’s imported and frozen. Smoked salmon ranges
from 59LE to 135LE per 200 grams. Half a kilo of peeled shrimp will cost you
50LE and a pack of twelve oysters costs 95LE.

If you
have a sweet tooth, a pack of panforte starts at 65LE. There are also
packs of frozen fruits, such as raspberry and blueberry for 55LE. Top this off
with Chantilly cream (65LE) or have it with a pack of Belgian chocolate (15LE).

Besides food,
you can also buy kitchenware such as le Creuset pans starting at 1100LE and other
kitchen appliances. So there you have it, Zamalek; you no longer have an excuse
to eat out or order in. With
Gourmet Egypt so close by, you can become a gourmet chef yourself.

360 Tip

Gurmet Egypt delivers to pretty much anywhere. Decide what you want by browsing the website, then call 19339.

Best Bit

Meats and cheeses you won't find anywhere else.

Worst Bit

Where's the fresh veg?

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