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Gourmet: Impressive Ready-Made Options, but What About the Delivery? ‎

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Gourmet: Impressive Ready-Made Options, but What About the Delivery? ‎

We all have one of those days, when you don’t feel like neither cooking, or eating out, nor ordering junk food at home; that’s why reviewing Gourmet’s ready-made items sounded like a great idea. You can order form Gourmet by calling on 19339, or simply place your order through their website like we did, which is user-friendly and super smooth.

We loved how the products on the website are divided into categories from bakery and dairy products, to handcrafted items by Gourmet. There’s also the Meat & Poultry, which has subcategories for chilled, imported, and ready to cook products. It just made shopping and browsing very easy, especially if you know what you’re looking for.

Gourmet’s impressive variety had us taking a good while before we made a decision. Eventually, we opted for Rusti Loaf (45LE), Hummus with Pickled Lemon (45LE) Eggplant Casserole (110LE), Asian Salmon Bowl (120LE), and Chicken Masala (225LE). The arrival time mentioned on the website was 2 hours, but, sadly, the order took longer than that.

Starting with the bread, it was super fresh and soft on the inside, with a fantastic outer crust. We loved how there’s an option of ordering the loaf as either whole or sliced. We enjoyed the bread with their super smooth and light hummus, and the addition of tangy pickled lemon bits in it took it a whole new level of deliciousness.

Moving to the eggplant casserole, it consisted of three packs; one for the eggplant, one for the crispy bread, and another for the yogurt sauce. As much as we loved building our own fatteh, we felt the portion of the yogurt was disproportionate to that of the eggplant, and the bread; almost three times bigger. Nonetheless, we absolutely loved every bit of it.

Unfortunately, the delivery failed us again with the Asian salmon bowl, as it was all crushed and the teriyaki ramekin leaked, causing a huge mess. However, the bowl’s flavours were exceptional; we absolutely loved how the salmon was perfectly cooked, the teriyaki was mildly sweet, the mix of lentils and brown rice made the dish quite fulfilling, and the beautiful mix of broccoli, edamame, green onion, and coriander was very refreshing.

As for the chicken masala, it covered our lunch for the next day, well, because it was a 1 kilo of chicken. 220LE might seem too much, but honestly, you’re paying for a super tender chicken, swimming in a sauce that bursts with spices flavours that could easily feed 3 persons. Just make some white rice with it and you’re good to go.

All in all, we really enjoyed everything we got from Gourmet. We’d pick their ready-made products over fast food.

360 Tip

Gourmet launched an app for both Android and IOS.

Best Bit

The Asian salmon bowl.

Worst Bit

The delivery crushed the Asian salmon bowl package.

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