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Grab & Wrap

Grab & Wrap: Fun Gift Shop in Mohandiseen

  • 2 Dr. El Mahrouqy St.,
  • Gift Shops
  • 10 AM - 10 PM -
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Salma Tantawi
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Grab & Wrap: Fun Gift Shop in Mohandiseen

Gift shopping in Cairo can be bothersome, especially
if you’re searching for a creative present with little time to spare. Luckily,
we’ve found a place where you can literally grab any number of plentiful
and delightful gift ideas and wrap them up in no time. More importantly, it
proves that Cairo finally has a gift shop that has more to it than giant, red
teddy bears!

Located in Mohandiseen, it’s difficult to miss Grab
& Wrap because of its colourful sign and the lit windows that display nearly
the entire shop’s interior, making it a challenge to just walk right by. Inside,
the warm decorations of the sections, invite shoppers to take their time looking
through the displays.

If you appreciate the collection of cream-colored and
scented candles carved with ‘Happy Birthday’ or ‘Best Friends’ messages, which cost
a reasonable 18LE for the large sizes, you may also want to check out the nearby
stand of wooden boxes carrying gleeful messages rolled inside. Those make great
gifts for friends, anniversaries, and many other special occasions.

If Russ Luv toys give you that familiar childlike joy,
luckily, Grab & Wrap stocks them; including the little monstrous Russ Troll
dolls starting at 18LE, as well as stuffed animals and key chains of the same

Stuffed animals still have their fans, but this shop
adds an amusing take on the standard gift: instead of the ordinary teddy bears
or pink heart-holding bunnies, you can purchase families of stuffed lions or
sheep in various sizes, from the huge, life-size (500LE) down to the medium-sized
cuddly baby lions (50LE). If that doesn’t sound innovative enough; there are a
lot of other ideas in the shop that can be suitable for gifts, such as girly,
furry slippers (50LE), cars accessories and even SWC watches ranging around 500LE.

Now that you’ve grabbed your gift, it’s time to wrap
it up. Colourful prints of silver and glittery wrapping paper in many different shapes and styles can complete the gift’s appearance. Prices vary
according to the size of the present and the shape of the package; a medium-sized
gift can be wrapped for an average of 20LE. Don’t forget to also get a card,
they don’t have the huge pop-up cards, but their collection is fine

& Wrap is more than your standard pink and red gift shop with nothing but
fluffy teddies; it offers practical items as well as traditional gifts for
friends and loved ones.

360 Tip

This place will also wrap gifts that you've bought from other shops.

Best Bit

Great collection of gifts at reasonable prices.

Worst Bit

The usual traffic congestion on the narrow street near El Batal Ahmed St. makes parking near the shop almost impossible.

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