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Home Centre: One-Stop Shop For Home Accessories & Decor at Dandy Mega Mall

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Dina Mokhtar
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Home Centre: One-Stop Shop For Home Accessories & Decor at Dandy Mega Mall

Though it’s been a while, we still vividly remember the somewhat over-the-top promotion of Home Centre In the run-up to it’s opening. There was no getting away from it and though it isn’t exactly a shop that will lure you in as you casually browse Dandy Mega Mall, where it’s located, once we did venture in, things made sense.

More than just a home accessories and appliances shop, it’s like  small mall in itself. The first thing you’ll notice is how impeciabbly arranged everything is – it drives home even more how many different areas of the home that the shop covers. We spotted an eclectic collection of wall clocks, of which a three-in-one clock that can show three different times (999LE) stood out, as well as an elegant, more classical bronze clock (499LE) which there was a smaller sliver version of too (299LE). There were also what one might call ‘table-clocks’, with a metallic clock on what was similar to a mini camera tripod (899), surprisingly tasteful.

What struck as most about Home Centre overall is the wide range of prices, which allow you to either splurge on something extravagant, or save some money on purchasing more basic things. This of course applies to some stock more than others, with lamps ranging between 390LE and 1049LE. Naturally, size, materials and overall quality differs as you go up the process range; for example, among the cheapest options is a basic, hollow, metallic lamp, while the more modern designs sit at the top of the price chain – large and suitable for a reception area, it’s adorned with silver-touches and a black, velvet shade.

You can go into most home accessories shops in Cairo and find a small, afterthought of a selection of generic, printed art; Home Centre is no different, but at the time of our visit, there were a few decent pieces among the pop-art inspired interpretations. Prices vary based on size and materials, with the most expensive – a 70cm x 50cm pieces showing famous British landmarks – going for 240LE. The cheapest you’ll find, meanwhile, go for around 79LE.

When it comes to the basics, Home Centre pretty much has anything and everything – a it’s a real one-stop shop. You can find everything from towels to toothbrush holders, both in all manner of colour, though the latter is outlandishly expensive – 99LE for a toothbrush holder! Even a tissue box cover is an outrageous 299LE.The prices are made all the more hard to swallow when you consider that, quality-wise, these items neither look nor feel like they justify their prices

Overall, Home Centre is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to kit out a new home; and even if some of the prices are rather steep, you will find yourself browsing the shop’s isles for some time.

360 Tip

Check out Home Centre's latest catalogue online here.

Best Bit

The sheer variety and price range.

Worst Bit

Said variety means that there are some horrendously overpriced items.

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