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House-Home Essentials

House-Home Essentials: Cute and Resourceful Shop in Zamalek

  • 3 Brazil Street (beside the Post Office and across from Mobinil)
  • Home Accessories
  • 10.30AM - 11PM -
reviewed by
Alia El Askalany
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House-Home Essentials: Cute and Resourceful Shop in Zamalek

If you thought this lively neighbourhood has had enough
shop to fill its streets; think again! Located on the hustling and bustling
Brazil Street in Zamalek across from Nola Cupcakes, House-Home Essentials is a tiny shop jam-packed with house
accessories, bed sheets and kitchenware.

The shop carries a huge collection of home accessories by imported brands like IKEA, including bed sheets,
lampshades and coasters as well as plates, jars and kitchenware like pots,
sieves and cutting boards. What’s nice about the merchandise is that it’s budget-friendly;
mugs start at 10LE, plates range between 25LE to 60LE and reach 160LE for a set.
Kitchenware ranges between 70LE and 200LE, with some items being a tad
expensive, such as the signature kitchen knives that vary between 65LE to 200LE.
The products are very stylish, modern and of good quality; something that most shoppers are searching for. They
also have a number of funky mirrors in various frames from artsy to modern,
which could be a nice addition to your home.

In this reviewer’s opinion, the highlights of this
shop are the expandable shoe racks, garment racks and clothes sorter costing
100LE, 120LE and 160LE respectively. Both the shoe rack and clothes sorter come
in an off-white cloth with wooden stands; therefore giving off a loungey but
modern feel. The clothes sorter could be used as either an extra item to store
some of your clothes in or a clothes hamper if you like to sort out your
washing beforehand. They also have straw-like baskets in different shades of
brown, which can be used around your home as well.

House-Home Essentials boasts
a range of lampshades and light stands for all tastes, starting with your
typical bedside lamp that cost around 100LE and include a few IKEA lamps, all
the way up to approximately 800LE depending on the size and material used. The shop also has a number of wall clocks
such as football club-branded ones like Arsenal and Chelsea (45LE), ones for
children’s rooms (350LE) and other crafty ones where numerous frames are attached
to the watch (around 250LE).

Head to House-Home Essentials if you need kitchenware and home accessories at a decent price;
you’ll definitely walk out with a few great finds. Just be sure to give this
small shop some time to browse through; the crammed products mean that you may
overlook some cool options.

360 Tip

If there’s a missing item that you’d like to buy, you can ask for it to be ordered for you. You could also buy the lampshades/nightstands without the chapeaux if you don’t like them.

Best Bit

Good-quality material and imported brands.

Worst Bit

This shop is rather small and crammed; so you may miss a few items if you don’t look too carefully.

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