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JAR: Vases, Planters, Faux Flowers & More

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Dina Mokhtar
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JAR: Vases, Planters, Faux Flowers & More

As Cairo 360 reviewers, we treasure Cairo’s many malls for the unlimited amount of review material they offer; from restaurants and cafés, to all kinds of shops – you name it, you’ll find it. Though it’s been seven years since Mall of Arabia first opened its gates in 6th of October City, we’re still searching high and low for places to review there.

One of the areas we have never treaded before in Mall of Arabia is HC Furniture Mall, which is located on gate one, next to car retailer, El Tarek. The attached building is formed of several levels, boasting a variety of home accessories and furniture brands. One of the booths located on the ground floor of the mall is JAR, which offers a wide spectrum of planters and vases that come in different shapes and sizes.


Displayed on a number of wooden shelves were a variety of vases, whose prices range between 300LE and 900LE according to the size, material and shape. We liked a white rectangular vase, which comes in two sizes; the small one is for 450LE, while the large one is for 759LE.

When it comes to planters, JAR has an immense collection made of rubber, plastic and fibres, making them both water and sunlight proof. From the plastic collection, we liked a railing-mounted planter, in which three small pots can fit (170LE­) and another medium-sized single planter, in which you can put your plants directly (110LE).

From the fibre-made collection, we spotted a huge red planter that would be perfect for a foyer or a garden (3000LE). The colours of this collection in particular can be customised, but limited to its availability at JAR.

JAR also has a collection of artificial flowers and plants; while some of them are sold by branch, like peach blossoms that range between 70LE and 85LE per branch, some are sold by the bunch like the tulips (120 for 130LE) and greens (25LE). We personally recommend the hyper-realistic peach blossoms over the tulips, whose colours were a little dull, in addition to the fact that real tulips are both hard to find and super expensive these days, so they will look fake rather than fancy.

Apart from that, JAR can easily provide a fancy item for your home, garden or even as a housewarming gift. Whether it’s a little vase or a gigantic planter, JAR has a variety of products that caters to all tastes.

360 Tip

JAR has another branch in Nasr City.

Best Bit

The massive collection of products.

Worst Bit

Some of the faux plants and flowers don't quite match up to the same quality of the other products.

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