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JLO Footwear

Jlo Footwear: Footwear of Questionable Quality at Citystars

  • Citystars, Phase 2, Level 3
  • Footwear
  • Noon - Midnight -
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Anne de Groot
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Jlo Footwear: Footwear of Questionable Quality at Citystars

from the block is quite the entertainer. Not only is she a
singer/dancer/actress/talent show judge/perfume maker/ Bronx
representative/multi-marriage tabloid filler; she is also a designer.

About a
decade ago, JLo teamed up with Tommy Hilfiger’s brother and launched her own
clothing line, which was sold only in the US and went bankrupt after a few
years; possibly due to the somewhat trashy clothing’s hefty price tag. It was probably
the first time ever that polyester and synthetics were sold at Bloomingdales
and Saks Fifth Avenue. Anyway, Miss Lopez has once again set foot in the fashion
world with a shoe and bag collection. And guess what; they’re available at Citystars

on the second floor of Phase 2, JLo Footwear has a quite extensive collection
of shoes and bags despite the venue’s limited space. For the ladies out there
looking for some killer high heels, the shop is your new paradise.
A better name for the shop would probably be JHeels or JStilleto. Inside the
shop is a flat-screen with the Latin pop queen’s music videos playing, and of
course her music pumps through the speakers. 

The left
side of the shop is dedicated to high heels, including several peep-toe heels available
in various colours. The right side
displays boots, flats and flip flops, none of which are exceptionally designed.
Several shoes carry a huge silver or gold-plated JLo logo. High heels are
priced at 500LE and above, while flip flops start at a ridiculous 400LE. The most
expensive pairs of shoes are priced at around 1000LE.

Since La
Lopez is a smart girl, she made sure that most shoes have a matching bag. The
bags range from clutches to shoppers and most of them have the JLo logo. The
average price for clutches and medium shoppers is 500LE, while some bags can
reach up to 1300LE.

to say, there is also a bling-bling section with bracelets, necklaces and
earrings, most of which is quite pricey: necklaces and bracelets start at 500LE,
which is too much to pay for fake gold combined with feathers.

Before you start getting too excited about
this shop, note that the products’ quality is not impressive. With many
products made of plastic, we seriously doubt JLo would ever wear these items herself.
After all, she sings about Louboutins and her own line is not comparable
whatsoever. But if you are a fan, head over to the shop for a little piece of

The best thing is probably the shopping bag that your purchase comes in, a
very pink shopper with Jennie’s face all over it. JLo footwear is a nice
addition to Citystars and does deserve a visit if you have a shoe addiction and like Jlo.

360 Tip

As the serial entrepreneur she is, Lopez also runs clothing brands Sweetface and JustSweet. Check out the JLo site for all the latest collections.

Best Bit

From now on you can get on the floor in your JLos.

Worst Bit

Don’t be fooled by the rocks the shop got, it looks like it was made on the block.

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