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Joud Home Accessories

Joud: Contemporary Home Accessories in Zamalek

  • Above Picasso Gallery,
  • Home Accessories
  • 11:00AM– 9:30PM except Sundays. Friday 2:00PM– 9:30PM -
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Karim Rahman
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Joud: Contemporary Home Accessories in Zamalek

Zamalek is certainly the go-to place for the
eccentric Cairo shopper. Little by little, it reveals hidden shops that surprise and
cater to a very specific clientele with very specific needs. It certainly did
not fail with its newest revelation, Joud, located on Hassan Assem Street, just off Brazil Street and above Picasso Art gallery.

At first glance, the window display is
reminiscent of a fabric shop, with colourful strips of fabric hanging in plain
view. However, upon further inspection, you’ll discover the wide array of
products offered at Joud. Juxtaposed with the brightly coloured, turquoise
mural, the products certainly catch your eye, and we couldn’t help but explore
the shop’s interior.

You might be a bit disappointed if you think the shop will offer much room for exploring. It might be a small, rectangular room
crammed with much of Joud’s products on display; but its bright colours and
vivacious oriental background music give off a lively vibe,
while still managing to elicit a homey atmosphere.

Joud basically provides the shopper with a wide collection
of artistic home accessories, ranging from trays to custom-designed chintz
armchairs. The products are more or less targeted towards the urbanite that
wants to add an ecliptic zest and a unique, somewhat folkloric touch, to their
homes. It is basically a mix of the contemporary and the folkloric; from mugs
(45LE) and photo blocks (60LE) carrying printed, hand-drawn pictures of famous
Egyptian figures such as Om Kolthoum, Soaad Hosni and Roshdy Abaza; to a set of
coasters (130LE) encased within a rich wooden frame that – if collected in
fours – provides you with a beautiful collage of different images like
appealing hand-drawn patterns or more pictures of classic Egyptian screen

However, one of the most prominent highlights
that caught this reviewer’s eye was a set of coasters that, when laid out
together, created a collage of newspaper clippings, depicting the most
important events of the January 25th revolution. It could most certainly be seen at
as innovative and relevant.

While it may not cater to more traditional decor
tastes, Joud will certainly provide you with a new and fun shopping experience.
If they would only invest in more signs to lead shoppers towards the venue; it would
certainly have the potential to become one of the most popular home accessory
shops that truly stand out in Zamalek.

360 Tip

Check the handmade cards basket at the cashier!

Best Bit

The shop’s attention to pay tribute to Egyptian folklore and art.

Worst Bit

Some people may view the products as overpriced for their nature.

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