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Kimo Market

Kimo Market: Maadi Supermarket Full of Imported Treats

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Janan Omar
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Kimo Market: Maadi Supermarket Full of Imported Treats

Do you find yourself painfully pining away
for quality peanut butter? Do you feel a disheartening pang when you find
out you’ve accidentally bought imitation Oreos? If this sounds familiar; then
look no further: there is a support group out there and it is located at Kimo

Geared predominately at the expat community huddled
around Cairo American College
in Maadi, this supermarket has been offering hard-to-find imported
products for many years now. Located right across from N Bar on Victoria College Square, Kimo Market is stuffed with goodies that were once completely elusive to
the Egyptian market. However, the convenient location and wide variety come at
a (high) price.

You can’t miss the supermarket, which has its fruits
and vegetables section colourfully set up on the pavement outside. Skip
this and go straight inside for the good stuff, unless you think 35LE is reasonable
for a cluster of grapes. Once inside, you will strike
a goldmine of deliciousness. Oreos, Kraft Mac and Cheese, Dr. Pepper and every
type of American cereal that you can think of. Kellogg’s Special K goes for about 38LE,
which may compel you to ponder on the price difference: is it reasonable to
spend US$7 on an item that typically retails for US$2.5 in the USA? Well,
it really depends on how desperate you are. 

The trick with Kimo Market is to be careful with your
pickings. The supermarket often imports and sells brands that are already
produced in Egypt:
a large bag of imported Lays or Doritos can sell for almost 45LE here.
Be smart and buy your chips at the local kiosk; and save yourself 40LE. 

Aside from the snacks, Kimo also sells a wide variety
of local products, including many organic items and your general eggs, milk
and flour. Meats, poultry and local and imported cheeses are also available at the back of the shop. The supermarket also has
an excellent selection of home-baked pastries, breads and cakes, including
carrot cakes, doughnuts and muffins for between 15LE to 30LE.

Kimo Market is a great source
for out-of-the-norm ingredients. Feel
like planning a taco or Mexican-themed night at home? Kimo has all the taco
shells, sauces and spiced beans as well as ready-made salsas that you will
need. Also available are a wide variety of US sodas, candies and chips that are
impossible to find anywhere else in Cairo.
Although other large supermarkets in Maadi have started stocking some of these
brands, Kimo Market is still your best bet.

360 Tip

It's a small venue, with only one checkout counter; so try to avoid busy shopping days like Saturday afternoons.

Best Bit

Decent parking and a terrific variety of imported and hard-to-find goodies.

Worst Bit

Outrageous prices.

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