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Kimono Kraze

Kimono Kraze: Online Boutique Brings Kimono Trend to Cairo Doorsteps

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Kimono Kraze: Online Boutique Brings Kimono Trend to Cairo Doorsteps

Our basic impression when it comes to fashion trends and hypes is that they mostly end up being uncomfortable and impractical – beauty is pain, right? When kimonos, however, took over the fashion scene this year and became street style must-haves, this admitted shopaholic could do nothing but tear up – true story. Yes – a fashion trend that is equal parts comfy, flattering and en vogue!

Operating through an Instagram account and a Facebook page, Kimono Kraze is a home-grown brand, started by young entrepreneur, Habiba Ahmed, that offers all kinds of ready-to-wear and custom-made kimonos of all lengths and patterns.

We came across its Instagram profile first and scrolled on through the dozens of available kimonos. Our absolute favourite picks include the Lilac Silk Kimono (160LE), the short Teal and Pink Lace Kimonos (150 E), the Fringed Black Lace Kimono (180LE) and the Red Wine Maxi Kimono (200LE).

Thinking of laid back summer days spent by the beach, we opted for the short Teal lace kimono (150LE) and the Maxi Black Lace Kimono (200LE), and direct-messaged them our order. Much to our delight, we got a fast reply confirming the availability of our desired items and we promptly sent our address and phone number to finalise the order.

Said order took exactly 13 days to arrive right to our doorstep for an extra charge of 50LE. There is, of course, still a bit of a stigma attached to online shopping in Egypt – particularly set-ups that operate on social media – but, apart from an almost two-week wait for arrival, we can have few complaints with Kimono Kraze. We also had our doubts about the whole one-size-fits-all concept of the kimonos, but thankfully, they fit us like a glove and were of perfect length.

All in all, shopping with Kimono Kraze proved to be a successful online experience; we got our desired picks without the bother of standing in long queues and stuffy fitting rooms (yes, life is hard), but we’ll definitely be going back for more comfy – or komky, ha-ha – kimonos. In all seriousness, however, Kimono Kraze is a welcome addition to the increasing number of local brands operating online. What happens if and when kimonos go out of style – god forbid – is another question altogether.

360 Tip

Kimono Kraze just released a new discounted offer and is also in the process of releasing a new beach collection. Check out their Instagram account for more: 

Best Bit

The kimonos fit us perfectly and did not, at all, wreck our finances. 

Worst Bit

The order took a bit longer than expected to arrive. 

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