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Kryptonite Toys

Kryptonite Toys: Action Figures and Comic Books in Heliopolis

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Hannah Cooper
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Kryptonite Toys: Action Figures and Comic Books in Heliopolis

If you think that
comic books should have been left behind with your childhood, consider this an exciting
announcement for enthusiasts and a fresh opportunity for those that are curious.
This also may be the next biggest geek hang out in Cairo!

Causing quite the
stir, Kryptonite is a one-of-a-kind shop in Heliopolis that carries an up-to-date
selection of some of the hottest collectables, action figures and comic around.
Owned by comic book enthusiasts Kareem Awny and Ahmed Abaza, their personal
passion for the comic book and its squelched availability in Cairo led to the
shop’s opening at the beginning of March 2011.

Located on El Sobky
Street, Kryptonite Toys can be found behind Heliopolis Club and in front of Alfa
Market. The shop front is lined with statuettes and figures playing with the
interior’s lime green walls. With that quintessential atmosphere and laidback
management, there’s plenty of room to relax and browse through the toys and
comic books with pleasure.

The display space is well-organised,
while the majority is filled with giddy toys, waiting to be drooled over. There
are action figures, statues and busts of famous comic characters including GI
Joe, Transformers, Captain America, Star Trek, Masters of the Universe and Raiders
of the Lost Ark.

On one shelf, a sexy Wonder
Woman (120LE) teases an Optimus Prime bobble head, and Red Skull puts on a
super tough front. Along with other action figures, larger sets and busts are
also available. Coming in its own full-colour collector’s box, the sculpted
Logan Wolverine bust (limited edition: 1300LE) was impressive.

When it comes to the
books, Kryptonite’s selection is growing and unique in its variety of both
mainstream and independently published titles of comic books and manga. Well-loved
superheroes and cult figures, including X-Men Legacy and the Hulk, are serially
in abundance. Volume five of the latest Runaways
series cost 120LE while a copy of Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba’s Umbrella Academy goes for 170LE.
Specialty books are also available including Icons: The DC Comics and Wildstorm Art of Jim Lee, a comprehensive
collection by one of DC’s most revered artists. And if they don’t have what
you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to ask because pre-ordering is available:
some statues take between fifteen to thirty days to arrive at the shop so it’s
best to order in advance.  

For the latest news
on arrivals at the shop; check out their Facebook group here. Kryptonite
is groundbreaking on a local level, leaving things looking bright for both the
shop’s future and for comic books in Cairo. Next time you’re in Heliopolis, stop
by and check it out for yourself; this little piece of comic book heaven is
rather delightful.

360 Tip

Don’t miss their support for emerging local artists, including the copies of TokTok on the shelf.

Best Bit

It’s new, fresh and exciting.

Worst Bit

Traffic to Heliopolis is usually uncomfortable, but it’s worth it for this shop.  

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