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La Beaute

La Beauté: The Cairo Answer to Sephora

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Salma Tantawi
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La Beauté: The Cairo Answer to Sephora

The thing about cosmetic and beauty shops is that either their products
are cheap and low in quality or fine quality at ridiculously high prices. We
couldn’t find the solution for that equation until La Beauté came along.

Located on Soliman Abaza Street, La Beauté is a beauty and cosmetics shop that truly
deserves a visit if you haven’t been there before. This shop has it all: makeup,
accessories, perfumes and everyday skin and hair necessities, all at great
prices and in remarkable quality.

The first few metres of the shop look like a big pharmacy and are
stacked with every imaginable kind of beauty care products; from suitably priced
shampoo, skin creams and imported hair colourings to hand sanitizers and face
wipes. You can also find makeup brushes, sponges and tools of all sizes for
decent prices.

With its narrow aisles, the shop itself is relatively small but every tiny bit of space has been used to surprise the
shopper with things like a hidden rack of mirrors in different sizes and
functions, of which the largest size doesn’t exceed 25LE. Hair clippers in
shapes and colours can be also found for less than 5LE, and this section is
especially of high quality.

Imported and local brands of fruit and natural skin masks occupy a large
space in the first section. Though the imported types cost around 85LE, local brand
masks are cheaper (11LE); ask one of the many shop assistants to help you
choose the perfect mask for your skin type. For relaxation, massage oils,
scrubs and loofahs are available at moderate prices.

Makeup and perfumes take over the biggest part of the shop. Large stands
of high-quality local and imported makeup brands like Lancôme, XoXo and
Biotherm are available with lots of samples to try from. They have everything
from everyday basics to glittery eye shadow and powder for night makeup.

Sales assistants are always in sight and offer helpful tips on makeup
and skin care if needed; they will guide you to the elegant rows of skin cream
and other skin care items. Prices vary considering the brand of the product,
but it’s guaranteed to be mostly cheaper than other contemporary shops.     

Though La Beauté has a huge collection of perfumes for men and women, prices
here don’t drastically differ from other shops such as Faces or Mazaya.
However, they sometimes have discounts or buy-one-get-a-gift offers. A perfume bottle
by Dior packaged as a gift can reach up to 800LE.

The shop’s second floor stocks pretty lingerie, socks and sleepwear for
very reasonable prices; including a colourful and comfortable two-piece pyjama
set for 25LE.

La Beauté is a refreshing change from
the standard high-priced beauty care shops found throughout Cairo. Though
slightly disorganised, it’s good for combining makeup with gift shopping. With
its cheap yet quality items and attentive service, we definitely need
more shops like La Beauté in Cairo.  

360 Tip

Take your time in the shop, and search through every stand, shelve and pile; the space is full of useful items.

Best Bit

Good variety of products in cheap prices, and attentive assistants in every department.

Worst Bit

Even when the shop has few customers, passing through the narrow aisles is still difficult.

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