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Lehnert & Landrock

Lehnert & Landrock: Shop, Gallery, Publisher, Treasure Cove in Downtown Cairo

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Lehnert & Landrock: Shop, Gallery, Publisher, Treasure Cove in Downtown Cairo

Hidden a little too well amongst the shops on Sherif Basha St. in Downtown Cairo lies a gem of a shop; Lehnert and Landrock. Standing proud since 1936, the name of this shop comes from the founders; two friends born in Bohemia and Saxony, though their successful partnership began in Tunisia in 1904. 

Rudolf Franz Lehnert and Ernst Heinrich Landrock were photographers, writers and travellers whom, after many years of travelling, wound up in Cairo where they opened the shop as a representation of all their passions – photography, art, travel books and culture.

Over the years, the shop has remained very much the same, but with the addition of extra merchandise and art, particularly handcrafts in the form of textiles which can be found on both floors.

Bags cost an average of 110LE, while simple threaded bracelets start at 10LE. There are also wall hangings portraying an extensive amount of patience and hard work on display.  Ceramics are also available on the second floor in the form of cups, glasses, plates and bowls, many with an Egyptian theme or touch to them.

The books are mostly in English, though some German, French and Arabic language books can also be found on topics such as travel and culture.  Prices are a little high, starting at around 100LE per book, but all are brand new, neatly bound.

Not only is this a shop where items are purchased, it is also a a gallery of sorts, containing historic artefacts from the past of these two talented gentlemen—an antique typewriter, a wood box camera and a collection of old photographs all displayed in a large glass cabinet.  It’s an exhibition in itself.

Colourful displays of creativity fill the shelves and almost everything inside is centred around Egyptian culture from the books on the shelves to the paintings on the walls.

The prices for many items at Lehnert and Landrock seem high yet at the same time very appropriate as you are not just paying for an item, you are buying a piece of art. 

This store is definitely ideal for gifts small and large as it’s just filled with a variety of knick knacks like coasters, Christmas decorations carved from wood, bookmarks, greetings cards, calendars, fridge magnets, and notebooks. Lehnert and Landrock is the kind of store you can get lost inside for quite some time.

360 Tip

An extensive collection of prints can be purchased in your own frame of choice.

Best Bit

The vast range and connection between gallery/museum and shop makes it possible to stay in this shop for a good thirty minutes without feeling bored.  There’s so much to explore.

Worst Bit

This treasure of a shop is hidden a little too well to the extent it almost goes unnoticed. 

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