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Levi’s: Well-Fitted Jeans Come at a Price in Cairo

  • CityStars, Omar Ibn El Khattab St.
  • Women's Wear
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Haisam Awad
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Levi’s: Well-Fitted Jeans Come at a Price in Cairo

Towards the end of the fourth boulevard on
the third floor of the colossus that is Cairo’s Citystars mall, once stood a
criminally neglected Levi’s shop. It shared the third floor with rows of dark,
sad and lonely shops. After a long day trekking around Citystars, who can be
bothered to go to such a remote area? It’s always the shop that you say you’ll
got to last, but never do.  

As one of the most recognisable and popular
brands of the last century, an official Levi’s shop should have no problem
drawing in people, yet the staff often outnumbered customers. Its small size,
frustratingly intricate displays that discourage you from picking up items, and
dark claustrophobic cubicle of a dressing room did it no favours.

However, following a major renovation in
late 2010, Levi’s finally looks the part. Hovering somewhere between ice-cool minimalism
and a dark, smoky barn house bar, the decor is befitting of the Levi’s
trademark style.

Of the dozen or so main fits of jeans that
Levi’s currently produces, it’s actually a pleasant surprise to find that the Citystars
branch has five in stock. It may not sound like a lot, but it’s an improvement,
and it covers the main styles; regular 501s, as well as different styles of
boot-cut, loose and straight fits. However, there was no sign of the slim-fit variety
which can be seen hugging thighs across Cairo at the moment.

The classic 501s sell at a range of between
550LE and 700LE depending on the wash. The other aforementioned styles are
slightly more expensive, starting at 600LE and reaching 800LE. That’s not the
most expensive, though; staff eulogise about even pricier out-of-stock ranges
and limited-edition collections. However, the shop occasionally has discounted
items, so if you’re lucky you might find a pair of jeans for 350LE or a t-shirt
for 100LE, which would cost at least double that figure at full price. T-shirt styles
range from the basic Levi’s logo across the chest to more elaborate print
designs. A small selection of basic polo shirts is also available with prices falling
close to either side of 300LE.

It’s obvious at a mere glance that the shop
stocks more menswear than it does women’s wear. Across all ranges, guys will
find more jeans and a wider selection of t-shirts, jumpers and shirts, but
there are also items that are rarely found elsewhere. Flattering baggy jeans
are hard to come by, but this shop stocks a loose-fit pair of jeans for women that retain
exactly the right amount of femininity without completely losing the Levi’s
rough-and-tumble style. They will set you back 600LE, and a decent range of chequered
cowboy-style shirts sell for between 300LE and 450LE.

Despite its renovation, Levi’s is still a duck-in
duck-out type of shop that does little to invite you to browse. Although it
isn’t perfect, it’s as good as any shop in Cairo to acquire the latest Levi’s gear.

360 Tip

The staff is fashion-savvy and know their stuff; so don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Best Bit

There’s nothing quite like slipping into a sturdy pair of Levi’s jeans and noticing how great your butt looks in the mirror.

Worst Bit

Availability of sizes is erratic.

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