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Lightology: Lighting Concept Store for the Whole Family

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Aleksandra Sekinger
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Lightology: Lighting Concept Store for the Whole Family

If you’ve recently acquired a new piece of real estate and you’re in the
market for a whole lot of lighting; head to Lightology; an intimate lighting
concept store in Heliopolis’Ard El Golf area.Whether
you’re looking for a light for the ceiling, wall, table or floor; Lightology is
a prime place to start your search at.

Critically speaking, the selection at Lightology is so diverse that it’s
difficult to believe that the same buyer chose the store’s entire collection.
While some items are totally hip, others are completely old-fashioned and
mediocre at best. The good news is that not only are there enough lighting
fixtures for the entire house, but Lightology also offers many styles. A visit
will yield lamps for teenagers with pretentious taste, as well as mothers who
appreciate an old-fashioned, simple aesthetic.

Let’s start with the chandeliers. The first one that catches the eye
upon entering is a super retro Goth chandelier drizzled with black jewels and
little black shades over the electric candles. It’s very Marilyn Manson gone
glam– in a good way. Displayed next to it is a chandelier made of wrought iron
and alabaster glass that looks straight out of an upscale Italian tavern.

Some ceiling lights look very generic and nouveau-riche-bland; but they’d be popular
choices for someone who likes quasi-French designs with a sleek edge. There are
also a bunch of funky ceiling lights, including one that looks like a ball with
lots of little arms that all give off sparks of light. Another large
ceiling light is a glass circle containing glowing balls of white. There are
also studio lights of various shapes and sizes, which are basic but quite

Don’t be fooled by the bland white table lamps in the window display. There
are some funky, solid-coloured Plexiglas table lamps that shine from the centre,
making perfect light accessories for anyone who loves simple, modern designs. There
were also some noteworthy funky floor lamps of circular abstract shapes.

Whether you prefer modern antiquated chandeliers or abstract, circular
floor lamps; you can count on Lightology for some healthy variety. Prices vary
from simple miniature wall lamps for 200LE to medium-sized table lamps from 800LE
to 1100LE and chandeliers for around 3500LE.

360 Tip

Because of its wide variety of styles, Lightology is a great place to go shopping for a family that has lots of different style needs.

Best Bit

The store carries lots of lighting options in styles ranging from hip to perfect-for-your-mum.

Worst Bit

The style of the lighting varies so much that the light collection doesn’t seem to have a particularly strong theme.  

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