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Lovely Lace

Lovely Lace: Creative Home Accessory Gifts in Citystars

  • CityStars, Omar Ibn El Khattab St., Phase 2, 1st floor.
  • Gift Shops
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Salma Tantawi
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Lovely Lace: Creative Home Accessory Gifts in Citystars

for a gift isn’t always an easy task, especially when it comes to seeking a creative
wedding present. Just passing outside Lovely Lace on your way to Citystars’ food
court on the first floor of Phase 2, it’s hard not to stop and take a look at
the old-fashioned English room-style decorations full of pink and light orange
satin ornaments. Yes the collection is excessively girly with lots of lace and
frills, but you can definitely find something suitable for a bridal gift

For such
good quality, the products are also very moderately priced: you can get a gift,
have it wrapped with your choice of fabric and style, and get a card for about
100LE! A pretty satin-decorated candle costs 25LE for the medium size, with other
shapes and sizes of candles in the same price range. For the same price, you
can also purchase bride and groom-shaped candles (25LE each) that will be
perfect for a wedding or an anniversary dinner.

If you’re
looking for some simple ideas for home gifts, there’s a bunch of plastic
flowers to choose from, though their purple shades aren’t that attractive.
However, the light brown wooden ‘Welcome’ door sign (60LE) is in very good
quality with flower carvings on its frame. One of the creative gifts ideas for
newlyweds is a box to save extra wedding invitations for keepsake: the box
costs 75LE but it stands out among the other regular picture frames.

The huge
bride and groom balloons at the entrance of the shop may give you the
impression that it’s just a bridal gift shop. Though they take up most of the
shop, Lovely Lace has many other gifts that can be suitable for others
occasions as well. Sections for baby shower gifts include little pink and blue
picture frames. One picture frame in particular
with cute
little stuffed animal figures around it (145LE)
grabbed our attention.

Just when
you think the shop has ended, there’s a whole other section behind the wall,
dividing the shop into two halves. The wrapping section is full of all kinds of
glittery, soft, or paper fabrics. Wrapping a medium-sized gift doesn’t exceed 50LE.
Don’t forget to check the cards’ wall, with many cards to choose from, ranging
around 30LE. 

for a gift in Cairo is becoming more and more fun with so many shops knowing
exactly what their customers are in search for.

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Best Bit

Variety of good quality and innovative gifts to choose from.

Worst Bit

They don’t believe in price tags, but a shopping assistant is always around to ask.

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