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Miss Helene

Miss Helene: High Fashion Boutique Now in Zamalek

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Anne de Groot
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Miss Helene: High Fashion Boutique Now in Zamalek

For all
the fashionistas out there with loads of money to spend, we have good news for
you. For all the fashionistas out there who are poor, you’d better stop reading
instantly. Zamalek is now home to yet another clothing boutique selling nothing
but expensive labels. Think wonderful dresses, desirable bags and
awesome tops; Miss Helene has it all.

Unlike several other boutiques around Cairo selling ridiculously expensive clothing, Miss Helene is well-stocked and its space is put to good use. The shop is quite big and its two floors have
racks filled with clothing. Although Miss Helene mainly stocks women’s wear,
the second floor has a small kids’ section.  

Helene sells several international high-end designers such as Halston Heritage,
Zac Posen, Roberto Cavalli and Juicy Couture. Yes, Juicy Couture as in the
overpriced tracksuits. Although
quite popular back in the day, the Juicy Couture velour tracksuit trend is quite outdated. But if you insist on looking like the cast of Jersey Shore and have the word
‘juicy’ written all over your derriere, then go get yourself one of these outfits. Don’t expect to pay less than 1500LE per item, though.

The shop also stocks Juicy Couture pyjama sets of shorts and
tiny tank tops, which start at 400LE. You can also lay your hands on a Juicy bikini for
2000LE, and if you are lucky enough to
be blessed with size 19 feet, you can get your hands on some nice JC sneakers

When it
comes to dresses, you can probably find something to suit your style here.
There is a wide arrange of choice and honestly, most of them are beautiful. Colours
range from nudes and greys with heavily embellished necklines and Grecian-inspired drapes to brightly coloured Pucci-style
print dresses. Long dresses in loud, vibrant prints and short
dresses in purples and greens evoke a pool-side Miami vibe.

quality-wise, you shouldn’t expect that much. Most fabrics used are polyester or
cotton/polyester mixes. And just to scare you off one more time; dresses and
skirts start at 2000LE, bags go for 3500LE, and a simple top might set you back
as much as 2300LE. The cheapest item that this reviewer found, except for the kids’
clothing and pyjamas, was a sleeveless shirt for 800LE.

designer Amina K also has a section in the shop, with dresses for around 800LE and
shirts for around 400LE.

Helene is a pretty boutique with some amazing dresses that come at absurd
prices, especially since some of the items’ quality is not superior; you’re
paying for the brand label, not for the quality. The other disadvantage is the
shop’s attendants, who follow you around with every step, which was quite
annoying for this reviewer.

360 Tip

The price tags are very confusing. The tags list prices like 210,0LE. Don’t be fooled into think this is the actual price, though; the comma is misplaced. The actual price is 2100LE.

Best Bit

A paradise for dresses of all kinds.

Worst Bit

High prices and overbearing staff.

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