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Mission A Mystery Trailer Revealed as Master Plan by Samsung…

Mission A Mystery Trailer Revealed as Master Plan by Samsung…
written by
Cairo 360

When three of Egypt’s most popular working actors come together, you know something big is cooking. The three actors in question are Asser Yasin, Yasmine Sabry and Maged El Kedwany, who appeared together in a short viral piece earlier this week, with Cairo 360 readers speculating on what it could possibly be. A film trailer? A music video? A commercial for a new high-end leather fashion line? It could have been any and all three.

Well, we can all sleep easy now, as all has been revealed with the release of the full version – like some kind of evil mastermind in the thriller film many assumed it to be,  Mission A is the brainchild of the folk at Samsung, introducing the new Galaxy A 2017 series.

But this is more than just a random celebrity endorsement – the video sees Maged El Kedwany (who is basically like Charlie from Charlie’s Angels) challenging Asser Yasin and Yasmine Sabry (that makes them the angels from Charlie’s Angels) to take on a mission that can only be completed using the new Galaxy A7.

Do they? Can they? Will they? Watch it for yourself…

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