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Moroccan Konooz

Moroccan Konooz: A Taste of Morocco in Cairo

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Lena Alsayegh
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Moroccan Konooz: A Taste of Morocco in Cairo

With a beautiful window display just above Metro Market in Zamalek, this shop is intriguing and hard to pass up.  Unfortunately, it’s also pretty pricey. 

I popped in to see whether one of the colourful camel skin and wire lamps in the window was within my price range, and was pleasantly surprised to find that for 120LE surprisingly it was.  So after deliberating as to which design I liked best, I browsed around the rest of the shop to see what else they had on offer. 

Much of its stock is large furnishings – inlaid wood commodes, massive decorative jars – all very substantial and all very expensive.  Even the smaller items like decanters, mini tagine pots, and ashtrays are expensive.  I thought I spied a nice tea set for my mother but not until I was at the register did I realise the ‘set’ consisted of the glasses alone, and including the tray would double the price.  Considering the finishing wasn’t great, I decided to pass. 

They also carry delicate and interesting jewellery pieces from India – not real gold nor real stone, they do earn the word ‘costume.’  Closely resembling Middle Eastern designs, the collection of necklaces and drop earrings starting at 120LE are eye catching, though may not be of the best workmanship.

Pieces really are shipped from Morocco, so if you’re dying to get something authentic for the price of shipping and customs alone (instead of a plane ticket) then this place is for you. 

360 Tip

This is not the best location for drivers who need parking, so take a taxi instead.

Best Bit

Moroccan Konooz brings us authentic creations straight from the namesake country.

Worst Bit

The prices aren’t clearly marked, ask the clerks to specify.

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