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Nefertari: Natural, Egyptian-Made Body-Care Products in Dokki

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Nefertari: Natural, Egyptian-Made Body-Care Products in Dokki
When it comes to buying body care products in Cairo, it usually boils down to two options: what’s available at the supermarket or high-end imported goods. Not to mention that the majority of both are, more often than not, filled to the brim with mysterious ingredients whose names are impossible to pronounce. Thankfully, Nefertari not only bridges the gap but does so in a pure and natural way.

With over eight branches and kiosks located throughout Cairo, including Maadi, Zamalek and in Citystars, this beauty shop has been around for a few years now and their knack for producing quality body care products, all made in Egypt, has proven to be a success.

The shop in Dokki is located across from Alfa Market, near Viny Square. With just enough space to house their array of products, the set-up is clean – complementary to the shop’s overall sense of tranquillity and relaxation. The minute you walk in, you’re transported to a place far away from the cacophonic streets outside. Amiable, the sales attendant wasn’t pushy and was helpful with any questions we had.

If aromatherapy is of interest to you, this is the place to go for decently priced essential oils. Oils begin at 20LE and include standard scents such as a lavender, vanilla and peppermint as well as others. A great lift-me-up and energising oil is called neroli, and it could also be found available. For any questions regarding what oils serve what purpose, Nerfertari kindly provides a booklet with descriptions. Ceramic oil burners, in a variety of colours and designs, cost between 40LE and 60LE.

If you decide to reward yourself with a complete at-home spa day, stocking up on items in Nefertari won’t let you down. They carry plush robes and slippers, made from organic Egyptian cotton, as well as well-designed massage tools. Also available at Nefertari are a wide-range of scrubs, bath salts and other bath-time treats – all scented with one of Nefertari’s essential oils.

If you happen to be shopping for someone else, gift boxes are available ranging between 60LE and 300LE and include soaps, oils, washcloths and more. Nicely wrapped and well presented, they make a great gift option for anyone in need of a little pampering and care.

The options for natural self-care are endless and with Nefertari’s array of available products, it’s never been so easy. They’ve mastered the concept of simple beauty and beautification methods and it couldn’t be more refreshing. Step inside any of their heavenly-scented shops and you’ll instantly be impressed and taken away by the products they offer.

360 Tip

Don’t miss their line of glycerin soaps.

Best Bit

Earth and body friendly products at a reasonable cost? Yes please.

Worst Bit

Some locations are closed by 5PM, so make sure to call ahead.

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