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Off Road Traxx

Off Road Traxx: Calling Cairo’s Off-Roading Experts

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Off Road Traxx: Calling Cairo’s Off-Roading Experts

Thanks to the expansive desert territories that surround Egypt’s capital, Cairo is a prime destination hub for adventurers from both near and far in search of the excitement of the great outdoors.

Off Road Traxx is located on Maadi’s ever-populated Road 233. Priding itself on being the only retailer of professional grade off-roading equipment in Cairo, Off Road Traxx is best enjoyed by those who know the sport well.

Most hardware is Australian-made, such as the hefty black stainless steel roof racks and bumper guards. The shop itself is small, with a minimal layout that feels like a tidy mechanic’s garage – with a surplus of industrial-strength headlights and spotlights designed to pierce through the desert night, coolers of three different sizes that can freeze your beverages for up to fifteen days, and much more.

If you are not easily impressed by four-wheel hardware accessories, don’t miss the piece de resistance: a glass display case stationed in the shop’s centre displaying a series of GPS systems, excellent choices for male-oriented gifts. The smaller and simpler models are priced around 600LE, while the larger and more sophisticated models cost up to a few thousand LE.

Off Road Traxx is heaven for anyone looking to better equipt a 4×4 for off-roading in the Egyptian desert. Aside from the number of imported pieces that decorate the walls and shelves, or those that merely sit in tidy boxes stacked shoulder-high throughout the small space, Off Road Traxx’s staff offer a wealth of information for anyone seeking adventures in the sand dunes. The owner himself is laidback and informative, quick to help anyone wandering onto the premises. ‘What kind of vehicle do you own? Where will the excursion take place? How many friends will join you?’ All questions help the owner determine exactly what it is that you need; if you don’t already know it yourself.

It’s curious that Cairo isn’t equipped with more shops such as these. Having capitalised on an area always in demand come summer or winter, Off Road Traxx seems to be cashing in so far, if the steady stream of 4×4 vehicles parked outside is any indication, getting fitted with new tires, roof racks and more.

360 Tip

Aside from helping you install, mount and adjust any equipment for you, Off Road Traxx’s staff offer organised tours for a group of minimum six people. Inquire with the owner for more details, price range and availability.

Best Bit

Off Road Traxx undoubtedly fills a gap for the city's 4x4 enthusiasts.

Worst Bit

With only imported hardware, prices are steep, making the latest headlights, coolers and bumpers a real investment. Small selection also means that some orders may need to be placed with the owner well in advance.

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