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Or: Simple & Basic Fashion in Heliopolis

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Basma Mostafa
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Or: Simple & Basic Fashion in Heliopolis

Catering to the most basic shopping
needs of women at affordable prices, Or is an Egyptian fashion brand with
several branches throughout Cairo. The shop’s Heliopolis branch is located on
the constantly busy El Thawra Street. It’s a good idea to take a cab when paying
Or a visit; as finding a parking spot there is virtually impossible.  

The shopping venue is separated into
three sections. Downstairs, you can find Converse sneakers in a variety of
colours. The upper level hosts a clothes collection by Daniel Hechter and
another by Or to your left-hand side. 

The staff seems to follow a bizarre
policy when it comes to the shop’s layout. It feels like the clothes have been
randomly assigned to racks instead of being organised by colour or function. This
is a drawback if you are looking for a different colour of the same item.

Or stocks fabulous jeans at a
respectable quality starting at 250LE. You can also find long-sleeved and
short-sleeved basic shirts in a variety of colours with prices starting at
120LE, which is a bit too much given their less-than-average quality.

Waist-length cardigans are available
in basic as well as bright colours. A royal blue cardigan that caught this
reviewer’s eye sells for 210LE. Knee-length cardigans are only available
in black, gray and navy blue. Denim jackets are also on offer starting at

Chequered shirts are available in
abundance and in various colours starting at 200LE; funky daring combinations
of colours managed to catch our eye, but we would never sport them in public. A
striped black and purple shirt will set you back 220LE. Or also stocks basic sweatshirts
and knit pullovers starting at 150LE. A gray sweater with elbow patches sells
for 140LE.

You can also
find a limited selection of scarves starting at 80LE. Although 80LE might not
seem like a lot, they are too expensive given the scarves’ quality. A green
pleather bag will set you back a good 270LE.

Given the fact that the shop was
empty at the time of our visit, we couldn’t help but feel that it was overstaffed.
The sales attendants can get annoyingly persistent at times; especially if you
like to do your shopping quietly and without much fuss.

Although Or might not be your first
option when you are looking for quality versatile wardrobe staples, it pays to
take your time browsing around.

360 Tip

Consider taking a cab to the shop as finding a parking spot on the constantly busy Thawra Street is next to impossible.

Best Bit

If you can't find anything that you like at Or, you can try your luck at Daniel Hechter.  

Worst Bit

The shop's disorganised layout borders on chaotic.

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