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Outside In

Outside In: Floral Design Gallery in Heliopolis

  • 2 Saudi Buildings St. (Off El Nozha St.)a
  • Flower Shops
  • 11AM-10PM Closed on Sunday -
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Outside In: Floral Design Gallery in Heliopolis
Spread over two floors, Outside In is situated off of the peaceful El Nozha Street in Heliopolis. This little shop does exactly as the name suggests; it brings the outside, in. Multicoloured bunches of beautiful, life-like artificial flowers line the walls and are arranged in quality, stylish vases.

Flowers are an essential part of any home, but impressive displays are often both expensive and transient. Outside In brings house-proud, flower fanatics an alternative to browning petals. The plastic, silk and wet-look ‘everlasting’ flowers look remarkably realistic and are available in a range of types, sizes and colours. Although the flowers themselves don’t smell, the shop has a welcoming, floral scent and equally pleasant staff.

The flowers can be sold individually or in a bunch, with or without vases. Immediately we were drawn to a group of pink tulips (25LE per stem), deep red roses (25LE per stem) and some large, impressive yellow lilies (85LE per stem). We purchased a huge, dark purple rose with sharp thorns for 40LE. There are also even larger flowers for giant displays, such as the usual round hydrangeas and slightly more unusual long, cone shaped ones.

Outside In stocks a variety of vases in all shapes and sizes, meaning you’re likely to find one to satisfy all different tastes. Without the flower arrangements, a small gold, horizontal, boat shaped vase was priced at 750LE whilst a heavy, royal blue, round glass vase was priced at 280LE. A simple, tall glass vase would set you back just 70LE whilst a metal wire vase of the same size would cost 360LE. Shiny silver, indoor window boxes start at around 300LE and a tall, contemporary outdoor plant pot goes for around 600LE. We fell for a bright pink, cactus-shaped novelty vase for 250LE. There’s also a selection of tiny potted arrangements starting at 50LE.

White, clear and black stones are available as an alternative and decorative approach to filling the vases (10LE/kg). They also stock seasonal plants at the appropriate times, such as fir trees around Christmas time. Home and flower magazines are available in the shop for instant inspiration and the shop assistant can help create the perfect bouquet to last a life time.

Outside In can work with party planners, wedding planners and interior designers to provide the best looking, wilt-free, artificial flowers to brighten up any place, for any occasion.    

360 Tip

Outside In also have a resident stall in Heliopolis' City Stars.

Best Bit

The variety of realistic flowers.

Worst Bit

Fake flowers don't smell as good as real ones - although a subtle, floral air freshener would probably do the trick.

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