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Palma: High Quality Bags, Chic Designs, All Made in Egypt

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Palma: High Quality Bags, Chic Designs, All Made in Egypt

One thing we’ve all notice, is the rise of prices never seems to come to a halt. And since Egyptian shoppers’ favourite brands are international, it would be wise to start looking for plan B – going local. Luckily, Egypt boasts a variety of local brands that offer both quality and style, which can be a life saver for many fashion addicts in these hard times.

Palma is an online-shopping page that presents a collection of bags, pouches and key chains for women, catering to every taste. Featuring only the best sellers on the homepage, Palma’s website is easy on the eye, however, it needs a good dive, or else you’ll miss the full figure of the iceberg. 

Palma has a variety of faux-leather bags; starting with backpacks, there’s the Original (415LE) that comes in two sets of colours, either beige and grey, or café and havane. Relatively bigger than its likes, it comprises two inner pockets and a special cell phone pocket, as well as three magnet-clipped outer pockets. While the Original may not follow the latest trends, its neutral colours can go with nearly anything one wears.

But for those who have to own a piece that’s ‘in’, Palma offer the Circle backpack (395LE), which follows the latest cut and colours. It has two inner pockets, plus one for mobile phone, and two large zipped pockets on the outside. The Circle backpack comes in powder pink, black and mint green.

For pattern-lovers, the Rectangular backpacks (395LE) have colourful patterns on the sides and the main flap. These bags are the simplest; they have no outer pockets, an inside zipped pocket and another for a phone.

Besides backpacks, Palma has the Double Pockets (440LE); a cross bag that can carry a 15.6 inches laptop, which is perfect for those who carry the weight of the work on their shoulder all the time. The Double Pockets also has three inner pockets as well as two outer pockets.

Not as popular as the previously-mentioned collection, Palma also has a collection of regular bags that range between 295 to 380LE.

Palma’s makeup pouches, meanwhile, vary in size and price; a mini pouch is 140LE, the large one is for 240LE, but is more efficient to bundle the whole beautifying squad – makeup. The key chains are also versatile, but they all share the same price (95LE).

Months ago, these prices may have been thought of as hefty. However, comparing it to the figures written on other non-local brands’ price tags, Palma seems to offer reasonable prices, good quality and style. Local brands – it’s your time to shine.

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For enquiries, check Palma’s Facebook page.

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There’s something for everyone.

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The website isn't the most intuitive.

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