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Pop-Up Shop

Pop-Up Shop: Fashion, Art, Accessories & More at Downtown Katameya Mall’s Quirkiest Store

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Aliaa Serry
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Pop-Up Shop: Fashion, Art, Accessories & More at Downtown Katameya Mall’s Quirkiest Store

Egyptian design has been booming across Cairo’s unpredictable shopping scene over the last few years and designers and artisans have been flourishing in the new found appreciation of all things local and authentic. But with that has come a relative saturation in regards to it as a concept – the idea of locally made products has become somewhat of a gimmick.

Pop-Up Shop has managed to bypass this altogether, however, by very carefully selecting some genuinely unique and original products.

Located in Downtown Katameya Mall, the Pop-Up Shop boasts a large sign that literally makes the shop pop out against the mall’s demure design. Once we stepped inside, our eyes frantically began scanning all the quirky knick-knacks the store offers before we were greeted by one of the sales personnel.

The first thing we laid our eyes on were imported Moroccan, Indian and Uzbekistani ornaments and tables that clashed against Egyptian-made linens and decorative plant pots. The store focuses tremendously on showcasing the works of several Egyptian designers, all of whom, we can confirm, offer extremely unique products.

One showstopper amongst the array of products displayed was a Bedouin-inspired, colourful mirror (1550LE) crafted by Egyptian brand, Ghada. We also noticed a few cosy-looking cushions with distinctive designs (160LE-210LE), as well as some Sugar Rush soaps, trays and a few decorative candles.

Fashion-wise, this is a haven for all risk-taking fashionistas who are willing to make loud statements with their outfits. Several racks display items designed by Kojak, as well Air Marine, that can be complimented by the snug Siwa scarves, our favourite of which being a black one with bright Bedouin-inspired printed trimming (600LE).

The Pop-Up Shop also offers the most eccentric accessories out there. Heel Up, a brand offering embellished bands (200LE-300LE) that can be attached to high heels to make them stand out, is also showcasing their original designs – yes, now you can add bright feathers to your heeled shoes.  We also loved the brass earrings and necklaces designed by Rafy that were on display, our favourite being a long, dangly pearl-adorned pair of earrings (1250LE).

Climbing up the mint metal stairs, our breath was literally taken away by what was on display on the second floor; an array of beautiful surrealist paintings (6000LE-17000LE) by the super talented Amy Abdelbaky.  Perhaps our favourite of the truly impressive pieces is the “Forgiven” collection, which features intense, memorable colours and play on a theme of conflicting human thoughts.

It is worth noting that the sales personnel were exceptionally helpful all throughout our visit, casually filling us in about the designers and their work, as well as readily listing the prices of the items when asked.

On an ending note, we could literally describe everything The Pop-Up Shop has to offer for days – the products are endless and one-of-a-kind. Walking around the store was like inhaling a deep breath of fresh air, with the artsy designs completely standing out from anything we’ve ever seen before.  

360 Tip

Visit the Pop-Up Shop Facebook page - you won't quite appreciate it all until you see it.

Best Bit

Pop-Up Shop is refreshingly selective and thoughtful in choosing its stocked products.

Worst Bit

Some of the prices are considerably steep.

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