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Segue: Handy, Pretty Suitcases at Citystars

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Anne de Groot
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Segue: Handy, Pretty Suitcases at Citystars

With all the
holidays we’ve been having lately, we are probably all in need of some new
travel luggage. Airports usually aren’t the gentlest when handling your
luggage, and after three flights your brand new suitcase tends to look wrecked.
Thankfully, there are shops in Cairo like Segue, where you can get a brand new
shimmering and shiny suitcase set.

Located in
Heliopolis on the first floor of Citystars’ Phase 2, across from The Body Shop,
Segue carries suitcases by Benetton. Next to the suitcases there are also a lot
of purses by Sisley, Segue’s own brand and some more by Benetton. The
good thing about Benetton’s suitcases is that they usually have very bright
designs with funky colours, making it easier to spot your suitcase on the luggage
conveyer belt.

Segue offers Benetton
suitcase sets, most of which are around the same price. The best part about
Benetton suitcases is they are lightweight; so you can pack all the more items.
The small suitcase weighs around 3.5kg and costs 1070LE. The middle size weighs
4kg and will set you back 1280LE. The
large suitcase weighs 5kg and costs 1520LE. These prices apply to the standard
line. The design is bright with the Benetton logo all over it.

There are some special designed lines as well,
such as the Shakira line. The Shakira line looks deliciously fine: the hard
shell cases come in bright pink or blue with the Benetton logo popping out. At
the time of this reviewer’s visit, only the medium size and small size were available
for 1470LE and 1225LE respectively.

There is an
extensive collection of purses too. They come in all shapes, sizes and designs.
If you’re looking for bright purple, eclectic orange or simple black, you can
find something here.

The Benetton bags
in the cheaper section have rather dull designs with the brand logo all over. If you don’t mind being a walking commercial, you can score yourself a
small bag (225LE) or a medium sized one (350LE). If you want a more
timeless design, then you will have to shell out at least 795LE for a shopper.

Segue’s own brand
is very similar to Benetton in design but a bit more expensive. Small and
medium-sized bags cost between 300LE and 400LE. If you want something less
dull, flower-designed purses are also available. Prices for the nicer designed
line start at 525LE.

Most bags by Sisley
are similarly priced between 400LE and 500LE. Unfortunately, the design of
Sisley is also very similar to that of Benetton and Segue; so much so that this reviewer began to
suspect that all the bags were produced in the same factory.

There is a small
shoe section too, featuring Segue’s own brand including wedges for 500LE and Birkenstock-inspired
flip-flops for 230LE.

Segue’s designs all look alike, which is boring
if you want diversity; so it’s better to focus on the suitcases instead. The shop’s
attendants are friendly and generally let your stroll around on your own
without bothering you. When you’re in need of a nicely designed and brightly
coloured suitcase; definitely check out Segue.

360 Tip

keep your eyes out for the shop’s notorious sales. Prices may drop to 50LE for a bag.

Best Bit

The suitcases are lovely and bright.

Worst Bit

The bag designs are far too alike.

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