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Sheffield: Classically Designed Home Accessories Maadi

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Sheffield: Classically Designed Home Accessories Maadi

Located on New Maadi’s Laselky Street near
Falasteen Square, Sheffield is a large, two-storey shop that contains a lot
more products that its inconspicuous exterior would have you believe. All you
see through its glass windows is a collection of tea seats, chandeliers and a
few vases. Step inside, and you’ll find a much larger range of diverse furniture, kitchenware, lighting fixtures and ornaments.

The shop is dimly lit, which matches the
classic atmosphere of the displayed products. The first floor contains a large
collection of china and silver sets, as well as tea cups and trays. Some
products are silver-plated while others are made of crystal. Prices range
between 300LE and 800LE for a set. You can also buy individual pieces instead
of the whole set. 

Kitchenware such as cutlery ranges between
400LE and 600LE, in various designs and of good quality.  A set of knives with wooden handles in
different sizes costs between 150LE and 340LE. The collection of crystal
figures and ashtrays is more expensive than we’d expected. A small vase
costs over 200LE, and a medium-sized fruit bowl costs 335LE, down from the original
price of 550LE. This reviewer felt that such items were overpriced despite
their admittedly good quality.

The second floor is allocated for the large
furniture sets such as living room sets, which range between 4000LE and 6000LE,
in addition to steel cupboards, tables and desks. The floor hosts a few couches
and corner seats in bright colours such as red and orange. Several white and
black leather couches are displayed for around 8100LE, down from 16,000LE. A
smaller red couch costs 1750LE.

At the end of the second floor is a
collection of chandeliers in classical designs, as well as artificial fruits
and wall ornaments for between 200LE and 1000LE, depending on the size.

All products carry the Sheffield logo,
including the German, French and Japanese tea sets. Handmade bohemian
crystal and antique wall clocks are also displayed.

Despite its large and diverse collection,
we were disappointed by Sheffield’s persistent attendant, who followed
us around too closely and was not that friendly. That being said, it’s worth
checking out Sheffield if you have a home to furnish and prefer classic

360 Tip

The Mohandiseen and and Nasr City branches have different collections.

Best Bit

Some chic items of good quality.

Worst Bit

Some prices are illogically high.

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