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Skip New Year’s Gift Shopping and Do It Yourself

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Skip New Year’s Gift Shopping and Do It Yourself
written by
Nada Wahba

Maybe we’ve all been put in this situation before. It’s a few days before New Year’s Eve, and you’ve either run out of money, you’re on a budget, or you’ve just forgotten to go shopping. How about you try a DIY gift and save yourself the hassle of going out to get a New Year’s gift that you’ll most probably be too late to get. Also, studies show that doing something by hand has therapeutic properties, so it’s a win-win situation.

Baked Goods

Who wouldn’t want to receive a freshly baked goodie made only for them? You can try baking cinnamon rolls or gingerbread cookies. You’ll be the star of the New Year’s Eve dinner.

Photo Album 

New Year’s Eve is all about family and spending time with your loved ones It should feel cosy and special. Compile the photos you love the most with your special people into a photo album that you can customize based on the person you’re giving it to. This gift screams intimacy!


A potpourri is a combination of dry petals and fruit that are simmered together until fragrant. It’s usually placed in a decorative pot that is then placed in any room to give off a certain scent. If you want to have your entire house smelling like Christmas, get a handful of whole star anise, cinnamon sticks, orange slices and rosemary. Boil the mixture in a cup of water and leave it on the stovetop to simmer until your entire house starts smelling like a freshly baked pie. If you want to spice your gift up a little, pun intended, you can skip simmering the ingredients yourself and have that be part of their experience with the potpourri.


You only need four ingredients for this one: wax, wick, a mason jar and essential oils. The process is simple, but you’re going to need to look up the exact measurements. In essence, melt the wax for 10-15 minutes, then add the fragrance oil of your choice and finally add the wick to the mason jar and pour in the wax. Wait for the wax to harden, cut the wick and there you go, you made your very first candle!

Snow Globe

Guess what? You can customize your own snow globe with a mason jar and a few ingredients that are readily available at your house. Put some salt at the bottom of the mason jar, then place the figurine of your choice and finally, close the lid and turn it upside down to watch the magic happen.

Whatever gift you decide to choose from this list, it’ll be special anyway. Handmade gifts are always special.