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Sledgers: ‘French Style & Comfort’ at Mall of Arabia Shoe Shop

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Laila Rostom
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Sledgers: ‘French Style & Comfort’ at Mall of Arabia Shoe Shop

While the world’s flashiest brands continue to flood shops in Cairo, there is also an increasing appreciation for comfort and quality as the biggest factors, rather than just the label.

French brand, Sledgers, has just joined the ranks at Mall of Arabia, providing “French Style & Comfort”  for both men and women, specially designed with rubber outsole padding to keep your feet happy. 

Providing women with a larger set of options, the store also has a dedicated section to Aerosoles; a women’s high-quality comfortable shoe brand, displaying a full range of their products. 

Located in between gates 18 and 19, the external display of the shop is appealingly lit with bright spotlights that you can’t miss it.

Inside, the shop is split into two sections, with Sledgers products on one side and Aerosoles on the other. Impressively enough, the interior display is widely spread and neatly organised, making browsing of the large collection easy. 

 Aerosoles’ women’s collection ranges from summer season to winter styles, from evening shoes, party shoes, summer sandals and plain loafers all displayed in various colours and modest designs. 

Simple items include a large collection of flat summer sandals (549LE) as well as high-heeled sandals (649LE) and low-heeled sandals (599LE) in a vast selection of fun colours.

More basic designs include earthy-coloured peep-toed shoes with wedged heels (599LE) in smooth floral patterns and vintage sandals with casual low heels (549LE) in black, white and creamy-beige.

The most frequent type of shoe on display at the time of our visit was those suitable for career women, if you will; comfortable, basic and sturdy. Standout items included a variety of practical flat loafers (549LE) available in simple colours, as well as a selection of formal mid-heel shoes (699LE) in chic soothing shades.

While Aerosoles carries a line of handbags, the bags on display were limited – selling at around the 599LE – and fairly standard in style, some used striking blues, oranges and yellows, ideal for the summer season.

Only two products of Sledgers footwear were available for women; overpriced multicoloured ballerinas for (999LE) and a pair of casual, creamy high-heeled shoes (1199LE).

On the other side of the store, the men’s Sledgers footwear displayed a vast mixture of styles boasting good quality casual and classical footwear as well as soft and leathery loafers, all ranging in price from 1099LE to 1499LE.

While everything is relatively overpriced, the wide collection of quality footwear goes someway in pulling in customers. If a simple, quality shoe that will last is what you’re after, it’s worth the investment.

360 Tip

Sledgers also has a branch in Citystars.

Best Bit

Comfotable and demurely stylish options that, aren't slaves to trends.

Worst Bit

Somewhat over-priced.

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