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Source: Cheap, Flashy Footwear in Mohandiseen

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Anne de Groot
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Source: Cheap, Flashy Footwear in Mohandiseen

Give a
girl shoes and bags and she is happy. There’s just something about these items
that makes us go absolutely out of our minds. When we see a nice pair of shoes,
we have the same emotion as we do when we see a kitten, a puppy or perhaps
a cute baby. Source on Syria Street in Mohandiseen is filled from floor to
ceiling with shoes and bags in every possible colour and design; a sight that
makes this reviewer swoon with delight.

Club Aldo is widely known for its cheap shoes, Source could easily fit in the
same category. Ballerinas for instance cost only 80LE, whereas flip-flops are
priced at 75LE, while with leather soled versions cost 100LE. The flip-flops have
trendy designs, as long as you enjoy flashy diamanté and jewel-studded shoes.
A pair of slippers is adorned with zigzagging diamond lines, while another shoe is
designed to make it look like you’re wearing a big star on your foot.

ballerinas on display at Source are basic with very standard and unsurprising
designs. You can also find authentic-looking
Spanish espadrilles here for only 80LE. Most pumps on display are priced at around
130LE and have somewhat tacky designs, though you’ll find a few exceptions. Low-heeled
sandals (90LE) are a better choice; their designs are cuter and the heel is a
bit more modest.

though you can find several great options, there is also a section selling the
most ridiculous slippers that this reviewer has ever seen, such as plastic
slippers with peppers all over them that may work at a Mexican-themed costume party.
Other shoes have giant plastic fish swimming through water bubbles on it and
there is a disturbing design of a rubber ducky stuck between big black balls.
If this cartoon kitsch suits your taste and you don’t mind walking around in slippers
with an obvious ‘Made in China’ stamp on the side, they only cost 80LE.

Another unfortunate
section displays fake Chanel and Louis Vuitton wallets, which only cost 50LE
but are quite poor and ugly imitations. However, if you’re looking for a new
bag, this shop might be your dream: there are tons of clutches and shopper bags
in nice designs for between 80LE and 100LE, depending on the design. The shoppers
start at 100LE and can reach 175LE. Most bags are made of plastic of course and
the quality is not that good, but for such prices, it’s good enough for this

sure to give Source a visit the next time you are out shoe and bag hunting in Mohandiseen.
The shop has a large collection of cheap shoes in interesting designs, although
the quality is clearly compromised.

360 Tip

If you want people to take you seriously, than please don’t buy the plastic ducky suffocating between black balls slippers.    

Best Bit

The slippers and the clutches come in pleasant designs at low prices.

Worst Bit

Most items don’t carry a price tag, so you’ll have to ask for prices continuously. Also, the low quality means that your shoes may not last the season.

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