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Suede: Quality Leather and Designer Knockoff Bags in Maadi

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Nour Motawa
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Suede: Quality Leather and Designer Knockoff Bags in Maadi

If you’re looking for
leather basics or remarkably convincing designer knockoff bags and shoes in
Cairo, Suede is your place. If not, look elsewhere.

Located in the middle
of Maadi Degla’s sprawling Road 233, Suede is one of the larger and more
inviting options on a strip of shops hawking everything from fresh fruit to
designer perfumes.

Dealing mostly in
generic but quality leather products, Suede also stocks a selection of designer
knockoff handbags and shoes, jewellery and gift items, and, puzzlingly, men’s

The leather goods are
definitely the standout items in this shop: Suede’s shelves are full of
handbags, belts and shoes made from quality leather in a variety of styles and
colours. While lacking unique style, Suede’s selection includes solid basics
like thin belts, leather flats and tote bags in black, brown and blue-gray
shades. These leather goods do not come particularly cheap, with the thinnest
of belts priced at 90LE and shoes and bags starting at 150LE. However, in this
case the price is commensurate with the quality and craftsmanship of the items.

If your style tends
toward punk, Suede offers the quintessential accessory: the studded belt.
Variations of this ubiquitous fashion statement are available at Suede in a
variety of widths and degrees of studded-ness, and are of surprisingly high
quality in both materials and design. Prices start at 125LE for a thinner
version, up to 260LE for a wide, fully studded belt.

If designer knockoffs
are your thing, Suede is a good place to search for a convincing fake. From
classic Longchamps bags to Gucci cross body styles, Fendi totes and a variety
of Louis Vuitton options, Suede’s fakes are of a rare quality and likeness to
the designer originals. However, at these prices, they’re not exactly cheap
knockoffs: a mid-sized faux Gucci tote was priced at 350LE.

A limited selection
of jewellery heavy on simple matching sets in semi-precious stones is also
available (starting at 150LE), along with a small variety of leather and faux
designer wallets, starting at 45LE.

Whether you’re
looking for leather or a good designer fake, Suede’s friendly staff members
will help you choose the perfect item, and ensure that you sign the shop’s mailing list to receive birthday discounts and updates on upcoming sales.

360 Tip

Sign up on their mailing list and get a discount on your birthday.

Best Bit

The shop boasts quality leather basics.

Worst Bit

Items are limited to basic leather and designer knockoffs, but there is a wide selection of both.

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