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Sugar: A Quality Addition to Cairo Gift Shops

  • First Floor, 7th entrance (Besides Al Shorouk Bookstore)
  • Accessories
  • 10AM-11PM -
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Salma Tantawi
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Sugar: A Quality Addition to Cairo Gift Shops

In Cairo’s Citystars Mall, a new gift shop that is pink enough to be confused with over
a hundred similar gift shops has opened. Fair enough, Sugar doesn’t differ that
much in prices and types of gifts. However, they are unique in how much effort
they put into making every gift special.

At Sugar, you can customise
everything you see to fit the occasion or the person that the gift is intended
for. Teddy bears no longer have to hold a generic ‘I Love You’ or ‘I Miss You’ message;
any message or name can be customised with glittery sparkles on the stuffed toy.
They have a whole zoo at Sugar with every kind of stuffed animal from zebras to
funny-looking monkeys.

Giant photo frames
that are furry and pink or in practical silver can also be emblazoned with your
name. They already have a few options ready such as ‘World’s Best Father’ and a few best friends mottos. Though the gift along with your personalised
name or message will be ready for immediate pickup, they can also be expensive:
a few words printed on a big bear (800LE) will set you back 75LE.

Nevertheless, the shop
contains a ton of other typical gift options such as accessories and key chains
for up to 50LE as well as cute bunny slippers, candles and other home
accessories. However, the shop’s selection of wallets is in really good quality
and at a very fair price of around 60LE. Sugar also has a special stand of tiny
accessories and footwear for babies.   

The shop is also aware
that a personalised gift must be wrapped exceptionally. A colourful fabric can
be wrapped around the gift with an additional message as well, or you can go
the extra step and add helium balloons inside that are set free once the gift
is opened. They do have wrapping techniques that can make even the smallest of
gifts appear extravagant. They sure come at a price, though; the packaging of a
big gift can reach up to 250LE!

Sugar is a satisfying
lace to shop at for a gift; the shop has enough space to prevent you from
feeling cramped, with an outside seating area where you can wait for the gift
to be prepared. Shopping for a gift has never been easier; though it could be

360 Tip

To receive extra privileges, ask for Sugar’s membership card.

Best Bit

Variable and personalised gifts in a well-organised space.

Worst Bit

A couple of items are too expensive.

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