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Takbir: Busy Print Clothing in Citystars

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Salma Tantawi
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Takbir: Busy Print Clothing in Citystars

When Takbir’s first branch in Citystars closed, there were
rumours and worries among loyal shoppers that the colourful and diverse shop had lost
its customer base in the mega mall. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case, as the
shop relocated to the third floor of Phase 1, with all their trademark casual wear and

Though they have many other branches, this particular
one in Citystars has always been the least popular, maybe because it’s much
smaller than the two-storey branch in Abbas Al Akkad. However, if you know
where to look, you’ll find that Takbir hides in its small space a lot more than
what it appears to hold.

Maybe the busy printed fabrics give shoppers the wrong
impression, but on closer look and when each item is viewed separately, most of
the clothes are colourful and very suitable for summer. You may even come
across items that you’ve been seeking at
other big department stores, but they’re much more affordable here; like cardigans, for example.

What has to be the biggest collection of short and
long cardigans can be found in Takbir in a large variety of colours and
materials starting at 130LE for a cotton bolero or a long cardigan. However, one thing
that may stand in the way is that the item may only be available in limited sizes.   

Aside from the cheerful blouses and cardigans, Takbir is
packed with jeans, leggings, belts and even scarves. It combines a lot of
different styles from casual to more conservative and does so by creating
different outfits through mixing the items that they have to appeal to various

Though the few displayed bags lack in quality, the
jeans look like they can handle rough usage and range around 160LE. Takbir is a
conveniently priced shop in general, but then again you may find a 150LE scarf
that isn’t worth half that price.

Some items make the shop
appear to be a great find but then bad quality and high prices may also
convince you otherwise. Does it deserve a visit? Yes, among Egyptian brands,
Takbir still makes it onto the best list. Just search carefully and you may not
end up disappointed after all.  

360 Tip

Be prepared to be followed around by the sales assistant.

Best Bit

A large variety of different styles at reasonably affordable prices. Clothing works for veiled and non-veiled women alike.

Worst Bit

Some items are very overpriced.

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